Rupacarcara assume that the most widely used ancient panthagulo


bigstock-Coffee-And-TurmeriOld rupacarca your grandmother used to have, but still equally effective bhejajera some strong words to say to me today. Did your grandmother ever with the story, so he tried to maintain his form is. By comparison, the content was not so much glamarasa takhanato rupacarca, maybe it was not within the limits of its reach. So what did he do rupacarca! Certainly would. The natural herbs used today to keep the same effect on your form. Natural makeup is the most powerful aspect of all things ancient and cheap. Let us assume that the makeup of the grandmother’s diary is the most widely used in the ancient panthagulo


There entibyakateriyala yellow antiseptic and entiaksidentala elements together and purged the mouth Akon resist. Continuous use of turmeric helps to increase the brightness of the skin. Green, yellow is available in the market these days all year round.

Bleach and lemon cucumber

Old lime and cucumber juice mixed together were used during the face to remove dirt and tan. There are two natural bleaching ingredient in lemon and cucumber.

Akon away with lemon

Akon is a regular problem these days. In ancient times the equivalent of lemon juice and water were mixed together to keep it on Akon. Akon was no longer enough away. It is effective to increase the brightness of the skin called the elderly.

Carrot juice

Eye black stain potatoes

Dadira to remove dark circles under the eyes tulunahina potatoes. It removes puffiness under your eyes. Just have to do is wash the potatoes and cut into thin eyes and leave for 5-10 minutes to do it regularly.

As pheisapyaka honey

Pheisapyaka the use of honey, which increases the brightness of the skin that you can see instantly.

Carrot juice for skin forever young

Dadira say that almost every day to drink carrot juice prematurely age the skin does not increase. Carrot contains the necessary vitamins and minerals, which is particularly beneficial for the skin and hair, it is better for your eyes.

Oily skin care wheat

The main components of the skin to clean dadidera was spelled wheat flour paste mixed with milk or water.

Coconut oil as a conditioner

To make hair soft, silky, healthy coconut oil has been used since adimakala. Therefore, coconut oil conditioner on the market as unique from any other chemical conditioner.

There are many products on the market today rupacarca all of which are not good. Finally I sometimes use the cul our skin nice and smooth or rough, and instead of making the lifeless. Prakrtikei rupacarcaya So we are not his. Those ancient natural herbal skin or your hair will be beautiful.


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