The child does not eat anything? Bring food to differences in feeding system.


The-child-does-not-eat-anytAs a mother you can be disappointed when you have a lot of care and a healthy meal made with love, and your child has food came away saying, “I do not like the food. I do not eat”

Sometimes these foods to your child about who you’ve been getting a lot of quality, the Minister, but it is not sufficient for the sake of a child. However, you can find an excuse to eat it if they wished. I share with you some of his.

Put into the hands of the holidays. Take your child to go to a mall or a vegetable market and dominates him is that he wants to buy? He wants to buy or eat any vegetables or fruit would ask him, introduce him to the meal each day and the gunaguna said. Give your child bring home to cook the food values.

If your child is a little older, however, as part of her education, food color, texture, shape and where the food is grown in the day about the idea. Give them the opportunity to see if the baby is a little bigger so they learn new recipes and cook with a child. Remember, do not forget to praise him during meals khabarere her utterly.

Small children, who are 6 months -1 year-old, but it’s a little different, but the same type of food khaoanora. Your child in front of a colorful meal of the day. The children feel attracted to the color. Put some color into his meal in front of the child. However, do not force him. At the mouth of a child can not see any dibei.

Children imitate the favorite. Who will feed them, to show ourselves to eat. Children will imitate you.

The food is delicious, slightly sweet foods like children. Check yourself before you try to feed the baby. During the meal, but be sure to hear funny stories.

Children who do not pay the same food all the time, it comes to baby food boredom. However, more than a meal for a young child feeding 3 days.

Many children do not eat anything after all, a lot of them say they do not want to eat the worm’s stomach, vomiting. So in that case, consult a doctor. Moreover, children who drink a day for him, as well as complete nutrition fun times, as required by growing children.

Machah many children do not want to eat fish, but also the right of the child likes to eat fish cutlet. Where is the problem? Give your favorite meal with two of his teeth look like. Fish cutlet, noodles with shrimp, etc.

Bacca dimah do not eat eggs. Okay, he’s keeping the eggs with the flour. Children do not understand. Khicurira with a mixed day. Big kids who can make a sandwich, or eggs, chop. Serve food in a different way.

The biggest problem with sabajih vegetables. In fact, there is the 1 pm show no taste. Why the child eat? Noodles with the days, make the days pakora, vegetable roll can be made. Indeed, like the 1 pm meal. He growled when combined with the cheese.

Children do not eat rice? Bread, feeding, healthy way to make fried rice. His home made burgers a day. Eggs, bread, vegetables, cheese, meat, and made all day, like a child again, your thoughts will be reduced.

There will be a lot more food to feed the children create. Mother, now became a good cook himself a little child.


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