Match the color-differences


Match-the-color-differencesDesign your own clothes to buy clothes in the yard of the building is more or less a hobby for all of us. Again, a single shirt or kurta with a veil or head scarf ghamatei is a bit of color. Dress in the same color combination can be seen back. Let us assume that any color to match any color.

Any of these colors with white-light or dark color matching. The best combination of blue, black and red.

Colors beige, blue, brown, Emerald green, black, red and white.

Gray / gre such as the color matches the color of the Moody phusiya, red, purple, pink, blue.

Golapi Gray, white, mint green, olive color, tarakayeja, light blue.

Phusiya (dark pink) – gray, yellowish brown, lime green, mint green, brown.

Red, yellow, white, brown, green, blue and black.

Tomatoes reda blue, mint green, biscuit colors (sand color), cream, white and gray.

Reda cherry, white, black, light pink.

Badami bright blue, cream, pink, yellow, green, beige.

Light badami light yellow, cream-white, blue, green, purple, red.

Dark badami Lemon-yellow, sky blue, mint green, purple, pink, lime green.

Orange, blue, purple, violet, white, black.

Orange light gray, brown, olive color.

Dark Orange light yellow, olive color, brown, cherry.

Yellow-blue, purple, light blue, gray, black.

Lemon-yellow-cherry red, brown, blue, gray.

Bright yellow-phusiya, shades of red, blue, purple, gray, brown.

Golden yellow-gray, brown, blue, red, black.

Olive colors orange, light brown, brown.

Sabuja golden-brown, orange, light green, yellow, brown, cream, gray, yellow, black, white.

Sabuja light brown, yellow, gray, dark blue, red.

Tarakayeja phusiya, cherry red, yellow, brown, cream, dark purple.

Electric Blue Golden yellow, silver, light brown.

Note that rakhabena

The combination of all the colors have been common. Apart from these, depending on a variety of other colors like shades that lagatei. For example, the color combination is always variable. Phyasanabhede are used in different combinations.
If the combination of colors in different shades of the same color, good ideas can be easily selected.
Depending on the type of fabric may be different shades of the same color. That will be the color chiffon cloth, georgette than the same shade cloth or linen with cotton would be more fitting.
Some colors will give you a matte look. Cold as kalaragulo (blue, green, black). Will add some color to your getaape brightness, color, such as worms (red, orange, yellow). These two types of colors in the same color combination you can create different look. Dark blue with gray or white as you will, but the softness of the colors red or phusiya utsabadharmi you will add brightness.


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