Interview: “Free fear, between power grab, do yourself a win”


fghfjkInterview: “What one sees as a test, to see the game as well as anyone. I second team. Consider that a good match, is what kind of preparation before the game till the last ball of the game. A cricket match is difficult to practice in order to play well. Mental and physical determination are required. The dress is also important.

Let’s come to the key words. Phone, e-mail or letter when it comes to the desired digit in an oral examination for a job, Husband husband Husband husband in the chest at the beginning of a feeling, is not it? On one side of the net sown in my mind is a dream, on the other hand takes a little bit nervous.

What is the importance of the debenah

01. Your clothing and sajah

If you’re a woman, do not try to wear formal dress. Gold, or go to wear a three-piece, matching the importance of the right and of course, do not wear anything too fancy. Will of course make-up, make-up, however, is not party. And must wear a kind of elegant jewelry. Men must wear formal shirts and trousers. You can wear a tie or a suit. If sales or marketing job as an emergency suit and tie; Engineering is not so. Note the color of the dress, however, as it may suit you. Someone wearing the same outfit looks great, awkward one. So taste the touch of clothing. Do not wear any clothing, which you could not wear before. The manifold can be made because of discomfort.

02. Prastutih

At the beginning, the interview is a test. So it must be pre-prepared. What is the question you may be, try to guess in advance what. Consult with experts to create a Questionnaire and answers to grasp. I never do this, but one of my close friends and my wife saw, there was a lack of confidence at home, exercise more, and test their performance was great. So, whatever the game, or test; Of course, you need a mental and physical preparation.

03. Q start

Can you please describe yourself in brief? – Starts with the question of the interview. So present yourself to 5-6 sentences in your own practice briefly described. Achieve your university, job experience, and there are no special pre-acquisition, in particular, because of your interest in this employment, your biggest quality – these are some of the key information about you to create 5-6 sentences. That is to say, with a smile, and say, eyes will question. From the first show of confidence.

04. Your byakagraundah

You can read about that, if the job is consistent with, if not several Theoretical question. If you are fresh graduates, the internship or research (which has to do with last year), have some knowledge of the place. Could discuss your thesis, so you should read it once. If you are employed, you are doing the job and how it is connected to the desired job – a lot of the questions you will be assured. If it is a completely different kind of job you want. If you present some examples of multi-dimensional talent. You can learn anything quickly, try to prove it.

05. Your agrahah

The question that must be done, which is why it seems worthy of himself for this job? Your experience, qualifications and interests related to the job and in what ways you have any other candidate will do well here, it’s the first answer from the analyzes create. If necessary, write answers on paper at home to memorize the practice. This is your job to find out how much interest you can ask a question for the employees, this organization / this type of job, you know what? To know the answer before you ask the organization’s web site seekers of their products and businesses. Who are their partner, customer, etc. are aware in detail.

If you’re a little too smart, if anyone can find out who the organization is able to give you the idea, what you need to do if my job. Interview if you can prove that getting the job done before you know something, you’re ahead of a lot more than the other competitors.

06. Your eligibility

10-0-minute interview, the fact that it is quite difficult to understand who is most worthy. So the question-the question of the questioner you want to grinding (if you like). If it is too low at the end of the interview, you have to understand your past, and they do not want to waste time (results negative). I recommend that the strategy, which is centered on the question of the attention, the more your skills. Suppose, you want to question how much the sales professional, to verify that. But there is no experience of your sales or marketing. In that case, can you give an example of your eloquence; For example, the Master bandhumahale any means to everyone, or you won the debate, with the argument that you can overcome the opposition.

07. Can not do that

Do not rush into the room before entering “May I come in” Say, do not sit until waited to greet the day and sit down. If someone does not speak English nor foreign. If you politely ask multiple questions one at a time that you want to give the answer. English Bengal do not answer the question. One thing to say – was this question in a recent interview, I asked each of the candidates, and 6, the computer does not know what MS Excel. Everyone replied yes. I knew who was about two and a formula to determine. I have the confidence to test him to see the man approaching him with a small laptop to estimate said. He is embarrassed. It was one minute. He tried for 3 minutes. I understand that I understand. So, do not talk any qualifications, which is not yours. I do not know the answer to that question, do not waste more time on it. To answer that question, think of the nails, do not let your fingers or a pen in the face; Not culakabena head, small eyes and not look at anybody. Say with a smile, “Sorry” or “I’m afraid, Can not give you the right answer at this moment.” Haggle over wages may be. Can all the time is that you’re now paying jobs, your desired salary should be much more of her. Because, you can not pay according to your qualifications. Employers always want to prove that you deserve to pay more than the asking. His words will not be confused or convinced. (Before the interview, try to find out who worked in or around the office, they get the same pay.) Said during the interview that a lot of question “OK, we will let you know”. On hearing this, do not be negligent. Stand up and say, “OK, Thanks for calling me” or “Ok, I will keep waiting …” You can leave with peace or “Thanks. It was nice to be with you “to join hands.

Sometimes a few steps before the interview, and you should always be a little bit bigger step than the next step in the interview board. And the question is harder and harder. Case Study, Analysis, Presentation, Exercise, etc. You will be assessed. Using all his talent and patience in cold blood, one after another level to be crossed. Never get a good job is not easy. So work hard to achieve it, always remember that.


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