Children food stories


hbfdddChildren always beautiful, clean and flexible. It is very important to give the mother’s breast milk after birth. Sal Manna milk for the baby. Therefore, children born since the baby only breast milk until the end of 6 months should be done, not anything else, water, honey, do not do anything. Children 6 months to the end of the meal should be thin milk equivalent. Glaireous food can be heavy or not at all. If the child she will not accept food. That is prevalent in our country, children from 6 months to a khicuri began. But it’s not right. First, with a heavy meal flour, barley meal should begin with the national. After 6 months, 7-8 months, the baby will be fed into a khicuri that the amount of rice and pulses will be 1: 1. Please note that food is not the first time more than glaireous. This half-boiled eggs, feed the children.

There are many special milk for any reason, or because of a disease does not give milk, infant formula milk and they are only able to give the children. Infant formula for ages preskraiba that is, the age will be a tie. Cow’s milk should not be given anything within 6 months. At that time, because children can not digest cow’s milk.

1 more specific, a bottle of breast milk they can leave the female employee. However, before feeding the baby should be heated on the stove. Hot water, 1 drop of milk for a nice hot bowl and it will be a little lighter.

After 6 months of age when children start a khicuri khicurira with eggs and vitamin A to create the vegetable mix. Carrots, tomatoes, papaya, etc., vitamin A and a good source. After a few days of his visit protein is fish spines, or chickens can be mixed. The taste of food will increase and improve the quality of nutrition. Children will feed oil. Keep in mind, though her children are feeling and understanding of taste. So, if children eat a meal at aniha see a little taste. If you turn away from any meal times, even if it does not go to feed. Try bringing up the difference.

Mothers say that the child does not eat a lot of food. It is the habit of eating baby food. If you give it to her baby during the day as it will not be hungry! So, little by little, and children will be fed the correct manner and at the same time familiarize the food intake. Give it a little time with your child. 

Children who do not eat at the beginning of the force-feeding a little bit during the 3 or 4 in the afternoon. El 3060ema amount may be, and of course the same type of food to keep 3-5 days. If you do not want to eat baby food for one day, and did not have any food allergies that children can not be understood. 5-6 days, but you can also eat a particular food allergy is whether the child can learn easily.

Many children who are 6 months at the beginning of orange, grape juice to drink, but it’s wrong, because he does not have the ability to digest food esidika child, so the child could be indigestion. Children at a sweet foods such as mangoes, bananas, etc. can be given.

Who is to keep your child healthy, you should be aware.


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