Create your own stylish hot glue pendenta


gdfdNowadays, fashion is a part of pendenta. It is hardly a girl who does not like. So we purchased several designs are pendenta. But if it is, how can we create at home. Today, we’ll see how we can create at home at a very low cost and attractive pendenta. Let’s take a look at it, for what we lagache

Hot glue
Jump rings

The song has been used glue. Unless you just stick to what you have purchased can be used to melt the wax in the fire.

They’ll have a chance to create

1. First, a foam of the paper will draw on the shape of a heart. So if you can help in any carton.

II. At the top of the jump ring with a heart shape by applying a little glue. Then fill it with glue and carefully take the shape of a heart.

3. Take the glue to dry before putting on two stone.

jump ring 5

4. Now wait a bit for drying. When dry, cut with keci.

Could create a beautiful pendeta.


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