Indian soldiers in Kashmir tusaradhase miraculous recovery


gdgddGlacier in Kashmir, the disputed province’s normal hill event. The temperature falls below zero degrees to 50-60. About a week ago, there was such a terrible avalanche buried a group of Indian soldiers. Some of them were killed. But the man was rescued alive 6 days after the miraculous way.

The name of the soldier hero Lance hanamanathappa koppada saicena from the ground up to 6 feet of snow in the mountains, an avalanche buried under a pile of snow fell 8 meters deep. 9 soldiers were killed and buried in the snow.

She survived but is now bhagyagune critical injuries. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital in the capital New Delhi. An army spokesman said: “He is alive miracle. But we want to turn this miracle is that, because of his critical condition. “


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