The divorced mother of two


ddfThe second reason to divorce his wife of her mother’s statements have nothing in common with the popular Arefin Rumi statement.

Rumi’s official Facebook page on Wednesday, claiming, calling his mother was the second wife Kamrun Nesa, was disobedient and he was mentally tortured.

But Rumi’s mother Nasima Akhter spoke on the banlameilake he said, Quamrun Nesar another husband who is in the United States. He also had regular contact with her husband and often spent time with her came to the United States. But before the wedding, divorced rumira knew Quamrun Nessa.

Reportedly, the last on January 31, divorced his second wife, during her show Quamrun Arefin Rumi. Rumi’s father, a divorce lawyer Abdur Rahim on Tuesday Quamrun Nesar was informed that the letter was sent.

Caura divorce news media, drew strong criticism from the discussions. Many criticized on social media.

Jababei bhidiobarta has a Facebook page in his defense of Rumi. He said, “One of the reasons the divorce, she (Kamrunnesa) mom was calling. And he was not obedient. I know, everyone is a lot at home. I did not have anything to say. The most important thing, if we survive, but it will take a breath. We talk about career. Because for everything. “

Referring to interfere with Quamrun Nessa, “if you had not done, everyone balata unemployed. working. He is also prevented. This is also a reason for divorce. If the lights are a singer. Laitakei if he were closed, then it is not. He would not have to work until the studio. This is actually a big reason. I miss my baby, and both Qamrunnesa. A. But she did not know me. What else! Prthibata large. And one thing I bring money, but if I do not have an unavoidable for them, why should I? It was not really anything. “

Ananya divorced first wife was not allowed to bring to the house of the son of Rumi’s complaint ariyanake.

However, her mother Nasima Akhter says, “Rumi knew Quamrun Nessa divorced. But a year ago it became known that another man has Nesar Quamrun. His name is Ali Sohag. New York is. Rumi deceived kamarunannesa spoke with him on a daily basis. Rumi One day he caught red-handed. Rumi is that, together, a woman can not have two husbands. But the head did not Qamrunnisa. Rumi has six months to spend with her husband and the rest of America the first six months. It is bad manners to speak with us Qamrunnisa. “


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