Tahsan-Imran valentine duet album


hgedThe album is going to release a duet together for the first time in the period of two popular artists Tahsan and Imran. The name ‘mind artisans. Valentine’s Day in front of the word choice Rabiul Islam under the banner of the CD album will hit the market.

The artist album 3 6 sang songs. Imran tunes and coordinated. Tahasanera singing songs in the album title ‘Manufacturer of mind’, ‘do not know anyone, “and” classical “batara. Imran sang “Listen you,” “I’ll see you when you say, ‘and’ love ‘.

Tahsan in the context of the album, “said Imran singing and melody-music from both sides discussed now. Great experience working with him. I liked the songs made. I believe the audience will like. “

Imran said, “Brother Tahsan one of my favorite singers. A great feeling to work with him. In harmony with his neck and holding my stailatake tried something new. You can hear the audience to understand. “

Rabiul Islam of life, “said Imran Tahsan and now two of the most popular artists. Their tastes and preferences of the audience wrote songs without thinking. This Valentine’s Day album. And so the lyrics also have tried to bring the issue of love. “

The album will be released soon in the form of a music video and song.


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