February knock first wave! The fantasy of gold


fdsdfParuyadera gold came back to take gold swung monsoon season! I first February, the first of the summer. Although the month of February month to late April, but a lot more is left too long. The first day of spring, standing at a distance of a couple of weeks. Therefore, the time has come to take up the chores required.

Those who regularly wears saris, sari on the occasion of the festival is to encourage them, but fret not mind. You can not always get the chance to wear the sari, a special day is just the sari sari strong attraction, among them is the idea solaana fret! Gold is in the midst of so many unmadanata. It tends to be an occasion for the gold gets back, oh!

Such excesses are encouraged to take the gold, and now everything should be organized. How to wear a sari, how to wear saris, just to keep the talks on a new day of the occasion is not faced any trouble.

Or wear a new sari sari no attention to the mother’s closet? If the mother’s old gold, then gold has been fixed, thought a bit reduction. Now we just have to match blaujata malfunction. This should be done a few days earlier. Blouse that special day fair organized by pretending to do whatever is in the earth.

Thought to buy gold? What if you want gold? Visit the market a few days before. Trendy without having to know the sort of matters, gold, how design is now on the market. This section will be out again, but the current trend is exactly what will happen, that you will be aware. If you can not avoid it!

This means that the red-and-white and color programs, festivals basantabaranera color yellow, orange or spring, this thought has immunity before the holiday. Customize the colors, which are selected. These days, a lot of black shari sort of girl myself. Nevertheless, the festival has a lot to separate form that contain little color. Red, Magenta, Yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, off-white ranagulote amejata of these festivals is the whole mix. So you can choose the color of the sari walking path very different from.

Gold can be very simple. Ekaranera land bank to another color. Or the placement of lace hem, light texture-work quilt. If you can keep blaujata with a little soft. Sequins or thread between kayekarana glasaoyarkera sari blouse light quite agree with you. And gold like the foliage is light, a little too unwieldy to take blauje splendid bloom, but the contrast between the beauty of reason.

Since the end of winter in the spring, they will not leave the cold at this time. So if the mind is still much work can be like sari. The problem is not hot read.

Make you want to design your own sari itself. Find happiness as you wish to create your own clothes, like gold, is absolutely mind.

However, the drop everything organized and arranged in advance. He wrapped himself in the first day of Spring Festival gold’s heart filled with joy all the gold-crazy girl!


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