Maternal Warning


nutrimum-680x450Pregnancy is an important part of a woman’s life. In the meantime, need extra care and caution. This time, little children, and the mother of ignorance, can be both serious risk factors. Let’s know something that is important.

# Normal condition that we accept medication, pregnancy period may be the same drugs as a threat to the unborn child. It has almost every drug Pregnancy Category. Many peptic ulcer and various medicines purchased without a doctor’s advice and began to eat. However, the most widely used drugs like damaperidanera omeprajala or may cause harm to the unborn child. Pregnancy Category C of the above two dragai included. So at this point of any kind without a registered doctor’s advice to refrain from taking drugs.

# The period from the beginning of pregnancy to take folic acid-rich foods karunapasapasi take folic acid supplementation. In the absence of adequate folic acid may be the unborn baby’s brain and spinal cord defects.

# In the first 8 weeks of at least 1 bar, 36 weeks until the doctor make two consecutive weeks. Since then, at least once a week to go to the doctor. However, if you have diabetes, hypertension or any other physical complications If you could be more than the number of antenatal visit. In terms of your physical condition, your doctor will determine the number of your visit.

# If there are any medications that you regularly eat a long time coming, then please inform your doctor.

# Excessive stress, smoking and alcohol consumption must be avoided. Make sure you have enough sleep.

# Pregnancy period, child birth defect can cause abdominal X-ray. X-Ray is due to an emergency, then your doctor about the pregnancy, he said.

# Ebarasana any prior or MR / D & C if the doctor had said. The dead child was born before or after the birth of a child is also aware that in the event of death.

# Baby nod off when climbing or loss, do not take the risk of waiting for 4 hours. Please contact the nearest hospital immediately.

#Atlast But not the least! 18 weeks a ultrasonogram can carry out, what is anomaly scan. The majority of children with birth defects can be diagnosed.

Stay healthy. Good luck to every woman.


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