Not pressure, child day Direction


hgfhghNiujaphide the ad was a post; SSC exam results as expected, unable to abhimane parents had committed suicide a suicide note some pictures of her son. Maybe I would avoid. But no! It raised concerns. How much anger and resentment towards life without anyone at all atmahananake can think of to solve? The price is so low to the boy-girls? Or some of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the parents?

One teenage children, adults do not understand the psychology of adolescence, but they are all the same age, but she comes out! If parenting is no place to make a mistake? Additional expectations? Faulty education? Competition and the commercialization of education? I have to say something here.

Whatever our yemanatai education, parents, mothers should be kept in mind that a “study is no competition.” Absolute joy and love to study. Why go to the competition? Maybe jibanayuddhe competition to be won. Atmaunnayana how life was committed, could compete with it. And jibanayuddhera jayato no grade point can not be measured. Why not just have a sick child, so expect better results in the face of competition are pushing? I admit that the era needs to undertake. But the one-two very good results in public examinations phelataito is not the end! There is a lot more important things in life. While the competition is stuck in the hope of good results or expected results of the important things that are going to prepare forgotten what ever noticed?

At one point in our society, if you do not attend the doctor-engineer life in vain, “it was almost pratisthitai. But the days badalecheto. Ekhanato plenty of work to create. In cases where people are working and being successful! Why, then, are bound to cast journey? Jhampi not impose their expectations on the child, but did not help him to find his passion! What can be successful in applying pyasanatake, take him to his preparations for the day. From the side of the friend, there are many types of plans and pat him, to signify life. Plan B if Plan A fails to act on. Plan B if Plan C, Plan D must be made to the Plan Z! Practical aspects of life, that’s what! There is no reason to upset pararato. Some steps that every human life, which is nothing more than frustration and anger. But with your feet stepped on them with all the strength to go forward samaneto! Who else can give parents the power, you say? But the failure of the child repeatedly stir up any profit? Practical aspects of life from the age of understanding, he did not Explain. Life is so precious, how precious life is and how to make the parents to sacrifice, to give him anymore. Why has repeatedly brought up the failure will hurt him? Give him strength and pack up and go forward. Jungle will surely sweet fruit. Each of us lives in different designs, different life plan. The plan is to do no wrong, and attention. Competition by pushing the burden of expectations, you can not expect a child’s future. Thus, be possible to maintain the family’s health?

Two-four gold and silver results in public examinations What if your child does jibanayuddhei fail? Focus on the child’s recovery plan for the future, and help him to prepare for all intents and purposes. Competition ‘V GPA’s not to contest the formation of life. Failure to move or how much stupidity abhimane soul, to understand him, even days. Responsible behavior and teach children to be responsible. Happy parenting.


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