What teen-teens? Learn to take care of yourself for yourself



Nowadays, there are lot of teen-ejaradera Facebook your account. For that reason, our ‘Cosmetics’ website, a large percentage of readers tin ejarara (13-19 years). But the problem is here. There skinakeyara sajagoje, makeup, kasmetika Related articles are shared. Our teen-teens are very attentive reader of the (attention it is understood that the questions in our inbox to see), but whom do they not see that this article is written for the purpose!

Most makeup grooming articles are written for readers over the age of two. Spesalai within our articles and a variety of facial care Chemicals Procedure and the subsequent fall of the text. We write this artikelagulo Services 2223, they have started to age. But I could not dream of 14 years of age, facial artikelagulo a reader at home or in the parlor itself, or any of the ribanadim Gold Facial Kit will try to purchase the home itself, and where it can be found that can ribanadim want to know !!! So one day when she was sixteen, who had evil to bleach phelala

I have a lot of all phrendara fair. They feel ashamed to go out. I took pictures with them a lot of looks black. She’s like my sister, do not tell me, if a little bleach can be fair ???

I did not have to say anything. GOOD BYE, CHILDHOOD !!!

Nowadays, sadly, too eksaposada ra tin-teens with social media is that they are going to lose their childhood. But it is not an excuse for his own personality at the expense of competing with others sick. Like making beautiful pictures on Facebook with (!) For such an early age with full makeup shopping complex / Shows Off to the movies, and do not fall into the smart Ness.

More importantly, is there a certain time. I know the makeup of the Sick Obsession in tin-ejadera saw the youth. Tin-ejarara a big way because they subconsciously. They think,

‘So and so is several years older than me !! If he can do it, why can not I ?? “

The fault is ours. Do not say we never do anything for teen ejaradera. They think that everything here so maybe they will be able to follow. That’s why today’s article. In this article I will write some episodes (because there are so many things to say, not a small scale!)

Thus, the first phase of tina ejaradera skin care tips in this article today I am very normal.

Jana about yourself

Taking care of yourself, you need to know at the outset of his skin, hair, some data

– What is your skin type?

Do not go straight up in the morning to wash away. Hold a tissue in the face in the mirror, standing about 10 seconds. The tisyuta a good look. If you do not mark your skin dry tissue anywhere in oil, if only part of the nose and forehead tukute oil stain is dry, but the rest of the combination of your skin, the forehead, chin and nose around nakasaha a large part of the oil if your skin tint oily / ayeli.


– What is your hair type?

It depends a lot on the type of hair and skin types. Even if you do not see your hair one day, shampoo your hair and Scalp oil viscosity adhesive is then ayeli. And if the hair color is reddish and itchy ends of the hair is dry. It may be that some of the blasts and Scalp hair grow much more ayeli. These will have to take special care to hair.

– About the health of dharana

Many parents are unknown because no one in our country’s tin ejara teaches children to take care of yourself, and health-related knowledge itself does not at all. Maybe they think the child will learn. And the child himself more “panditi” Each of these accidents causing deaths due to lack of knowledge of the child’s parents, it is wrong to continue, or any type of fault on his forehead trying to cover up the enemy a pretext gaphelati his own health care is not taken now, a little older, you learn that the disease would illnesses I have disconnected the power to face ?? Ask your parents or relatives to watch the diseases caused by high blood pressure, heart disease, bone loss, blood in the void like this ?? Fire flamboyant disease fragile social media becomes smart if they show ???

        Many people neglect negligence on the part of the body will be damaged by the maker of the able-bodied. Then the world will not get all the treasures with a healthy body. And talk some good habits. With this in mind there may be little that will follow the release of a lot of nasty diseases pabena

1. Time drinking

Nowadays with so and so angry, tamukera being taken over by Huff has become the fashion among many teen ejarera. But due to the fact that this bad habit will not be anything such tamukera stomach. Gastritis, acidity, which will be all of you. Even so, it’s time to eat, like the world upside down. Class, exam, coaching them with an excuse to stop eating, but not barabenao properly. Some years later, when all of a sudden it would seem,

Hey !! I’m so short, why ??

And like a fool at 1 month, 6 inches tall Adde Be ye hand to increase this !!!

II. Jankaphuda low Khan

AJ tina anyway due to a lot of different haramanala acne, etc. are ryasa. The prablemagulo sitting on top thanks to the extra junk foods. Tina teens do not have a lot of girls think, what do I have acne ?? Say the name of a cream !! Such question. One of them, pure Bengal, junk food will taste like skin condition that made you, rubbing the cream of the cream on the understanding that the company will be the owner !! Your acne will not be anything. Edge says that in the face of acne and tina eggs, peas Han Tan can not be makhaleo. Instead of oil, fat and sodium intake to minimize the rich junk food. Meanwhile, a lot of a lot of money behind you, and the cream will not be running so young!

I know myself, my mouth dropped since sisatika acne-fried and sugar disappeared. To this day I have not touched them.


3. Rose 225 liters pani

  Mother repeatedly said, still water, do not eat ?? Well, two liters of water a week a little trouble Khan. See your hair, skin, and what changes sasthye !! I’ll be surprised! Minimum of two liters of water for the human body needs to be functional. Makhale actually eat less food and water does not work!

4. Hair falling?

     There are many people who have problems with hair if you feel it form. But then, when in fact hair fall when the body does not receive the required pustituku. He spent a little hair of the body the nutrients that he gets to spend with other emergency. And then the hair began to fall in the absence of Minerals and Nutrition. Sadly, the lack of nutrients in the dead cells (you know, the hair of the deceased ??) on the hair of the world’s greatest castor oil, olive oil, henna, egg makhaleo not reduce hair fall. (Eating boiled egg and remove any better !!) Remember, when all of a sudden a lot of hair began to fall behind the oil of the oil do not waste time. Oil will remove your malnutrition. Better go to the doctor. See what has been deprived of his body. It’s just like the doctor’s advice, trying to get the results much faster.

5. Every 7-8 hours ghuma

  Rose, the body’s need for sleep does not sleep whatever mobile, computer, TV, or reading a busy time sleeping if it is unavoidable to increase the body of a variety of skin arekadike problem occurs. When you go to sleep with the sleep. And minimum 7 hours sleep a day. Do not fall asleep in the dark circles under the eyes, cucumber slices, I’ll never make you eye cream najarakara grease the teeth.

Well today are eparyantai, try to create this hyabitagulo. After a few days of teen ejara for the Daily Skin Care Routine write again. The beauty of the writing habit, because if you do not follow these skin and hair care routine does not take any action.


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