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Ranate nail color has now crossed the border. Now, along with clothing, hand-foot fingernails blue, green, radium, black-and-white coloring is all about color. As well as carefully hand-colored nails and even now, many people are aware of. The market prices of various brands and a variety of combination of nail polishes.

However, several factors before and after the coloring of nails explains how to keep

1. You must select the color of nail polish before applying nail polish. First, adjust the color of his skin, he should be aware of what kind. Adapt to almost all types of skin color is bright. Shyamala some cases, however, the color of bright color highlights or choose not to take more than good.

II. To match the color of the clothing found in nail polish. Red, pink, orange, brown, purple in addition to blue, yellow, green, radium is available in any color and black and white nail polish Cosmetics shop. The blue, green, yellow no choice unless you can cope with any color clothing color of fingernails can be used.

3. Where are the color of the nail before the election, he must keep in mind the fact. When the subject of a different party or ceremony. Office, college or university or higher, highlighting the use of color is not bright.

4. Before using the new nail polish up the old nail polish should be good. Good rub the color of the nails soaked in remover for tulaya up. The warm water mixed with shampoo and wash your hands. Only then will put a new nail polish to dry your hands. Always good to choose a nail polish brands. In addition to being more durable, which will not damage the nail.

5. A lot of white spots on the nails. One of these chemicals can cause the nail polish. For this reason it is important to choose a good brand of nail polish. Do not use nail polish continuously. Before using the new nail polish nail polish without at least a few days stay.

6. In many cases, if somewhat larger nails, broken or burst. The main reason for the lack of calcium in the body. Therefore, foods and calcium-vitamin C added to food to eat. After working a long time on the water coconut oil, olive oil, amanda oil mixed together, soak nails in a while. Wash hands and put it in the lotion benefits.

8. Hands and nails should be cleaned at least once a week. Menikiura can be good for any of the parlor. Come on, you can quickly recover it again at home. Warm water mixed with a little lemon juice and salt to mix with shampoo in hand and soak for a while. Cleaning brush at the base of the hand, then rub with your hands and nails must be clean.

9. Kiutikalasa or the accumulation of a lot of dead skin on the nail. If this problem by cutting kiutikalasa hand lotion to be clear cut. At least 1 day a week is simply not enough to clean hands in this manner.

Now the market different types of nail polishes are available in different prices and different brands. Neoyatai choose your favorite color from the original. The shops have a variety of shops ranging from super small Cosmetics nail polish brands. In addition, there is a difference in the color of the nail polish. More than some shiny, some matte back. Magnetic nail polish color and has a market Radium again. Some of the brands available jyakalina, pharamasi, jaradana, La Fame, phloramara, Isabel, CRM, and more bhiobhi different brand names. The nail polish is rakamabheda prices. Bhiobhi each nail polishes price of Rs 40 to 50. And from 100 to 120 rupees price jyakalina pharamasira. Phloramarera There are many different types of nail polishes. Pretty, suparasaina, matte, neon, nail art, magnetic and graffiti. Rakamabhede price of 80 rupees to 90 rupees. Nail polishes, including foreign brands like Mac, elf and lariyala.


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