What to do if a sudden fever?


babyyyWinter came to an end, in front of the summer. Change of light in the middle of the season can be seen to be unexpected fever, cough, among others. It’s normal, because of the weather varies with the change of temperature. That’s because our bodies can not cope with a sudden fever, cough can be seen.

Fever, and that’s normal. However, if the fever from the start, if you abide by the rules and do little to lower fever and the pain will be possible to quickly cure a fever. Everyone has a fever, but not everyone knows about these minor tips. Today’s post is given a few small tips –

1. If you feel weak in the first fever. To feel the heat from inside. Meanwhile, remove the thermometer to measure the temperature of your body. The normal human body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is more than you get caught you are suffering from a fever.

II. If there is no fever, was utterly dismayed. Try to stay calm as much as possible. Family members do not bother much less the better. If the fever is not fatal if too much is better not to go to them. Stay away from them, because flu is chomyache. As a result, other members of your family from the possibility of the outbreak.

3. Fever in the home position. While the temperature decreases the body’s immune system than susthabasthara. The bacteria enter the body to go out dhulobalite may lead to various diseases. Also on the body running a fever the body becomes more and more weak. As far as I try to rest.

4. Sleep. If you try to sleep as much as possible fever. Because when I sleep and the immune system is your body’s internal tasks quickly regained his strength. Sleep also makes your body ready to fight against the fever.

5. Check the temperature with a thermometer on a regular basis. Fever test you can understand the reason for increasing or decreasing the temperature of your body. If you decrease the temperature Wash hatamukha up, it will be fresh and the body temperature will return to normal quickly. But if the temperature rise was warned ahead of time. Other symptoms, such as fever, headaches and body as well as mind, body pain, loss of appetite, etc., did not have. Be quick if you saranapanna doctor.

6. Eat light. Fever too much time do not have much to eat. Eat light. The food will be easier to digest. Fever, pain in the body is more than an empty stomach. I absolutely do not eat too little to eat and stay. The deficit on the body will not have the energy.

7. If the temperature does not drop, then wet the cloth belt. Change clothes after a while. The temperature will be alleviated to some extent. If you notice the temperature is too wet cloth to remove the hands and feet away. The body will feel secure.

8. Paracetamol for fever, mild fever-type drugs can be cured naturally. Therefore, according to the level of fever as the primary treatment of paracetamol can eat. If the temperature is too high, but if you do not trust the doctor make paracetamol. Many people do not understand devour antibiotics, it should not. Do not eat any of the antibiotics as fever medication without a doctor’s advice.

9. Did not have other symptoms of fever, stay tuned. If anything, such as nausea, headache, blurred eyes met, vomiting, dizzy, or falling khimcuni condition immediately went to the hospital.

These things are very easy to remember like. So if you want to maintain the health of the fever with the following rules can be easily recovered from a fever.


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