Some of the most important advice for young mothers are willing to take


gfgfgParibaraekajana is an important part of our social life when men and women began a new family and they are full of dreams dekhesantana naekati couple start a family without a family to rule the world after the child karenaetai miss. But a lot of the world need to prepare before the new guest pareekati healthy baby as well as the beginning of a dream is the dream of all couples So, you are more likely to fulfill the dream.

It has been a successful pregnancy, before pregnancy depends on a variety of plan. If you plan a pregnancy before women can benefit from all the basic knowledge about thakeasuna let’s see, what preparations should be before pregnancy.

Mental Preparation:

You and your husband when you try to conceive, they will mentally prepare, whether you want to have children now? People like to look after the child, and whether there is adequate amount of time? If the child is able to cope in the midst of a career structure? There is good understanding between two people? Mentally upset if you present? Get answers to these questions karunayadi hyambacaka must understand that if you do not mentally prastutayadi If affirmative reply before attempting to conceive a more well-thought it.

Financial Preparation:
The disaster is the meaning of life without money mulataraparao acalatai any new guests to bring your family if you want to try to protect her bhabisyatata karabenakenana children can play as much as in the current era of economic consider before without much desire to see byayasapeksatai pregnancy. parenaekata plan to introduce a fixed deposit or insurance can conceive ageete Secure your child’s future thakabeechara a certain amount of money should be deposited cestakalina samayekenana pregnancy during pregnancy, child birth and after the birth of a child requires money.

Physical preparation:

Medical checkup: Do you want to take a baby very soon? If you want to take the baby, but pregnancy is a special time for the Plan. After a medical checkup karunaete that you can learn, your body is ready for the baby? Kenona a healthy baby and a healthy mother and a healthy janmadeoya depending on kareejanya kansepasana pre, pre-pregnancy check-ups or some medical conditions ucitkenona take cekaapata before pregnancy and affects the quality of life garbhadharanake, and even affect the ability to conceive.

What will make checkup?
If you try to children before birth control, and tell your doctor if used to stop by when? Usually a few months before trying to conceive, birth control method to prevent pregnancy and the need for the daktararaapanara ageete that some of the normal monthly pregnancy after childbirth is easier to schedule.

Please check the health of any disease and if it tried to cure any illness, but her husband treated habeerapara karabenaemanaki your doctor test your physical things, such as weight, blood pressure, and your buttocks are very healthy, whether karabenakenana buttocks and pressed a small baby at birth only if complications arise during delivery deyatai your doctor before taking action accordingly.

The doctor will check that, if you can bear children? I mean a couple of aborted due to check whether karenaaneka paremahila be sterile, male pareejanya be responsible for the proper examination of both the diagnosis of the problem, the problem he must be treated.

Pyapa test to be done to determine whether there are any problems jarayumukhe janyakenona successfully delivered a healthy uterus and cervix, depending on the kareecharao diabetes, hypertension habekarana to check whether these diseases are a serious problem, and the next samayetai pregnancy garbhakalina calunaechara follow the doctor’s advice to control them and make them like HIV and herpes Test kenona without these risk pregnancy.

Also, if you like to be a mother for the second time, and before you
The following are the problems during pregnancy,
Spoiled bacca
Janmera during the baby died
The baby akale
The formation of a physical problem baccara

If these must be more careful the next time you take a child and a doctor’s advice to conceive.

Because you and your husband’s family has a genetic disease, a genetic counselor will be consulted.

Asthma, diabetes, depression, and other times they are trying to conceive without any osudha eating habits and refrain from eating and have a chance of becoming disabled children to consult a doctor ninakenana.

Rubella, chicken pox vaccine before the age of 15. After rakhunaechara meyeri
TT vaccine at least 1 month waiting for the vaccine to take any ucitye
To try to conceive.

If the problem is a dentist, dental care ninadamtera dekhanakarana if it is proven that dental disease marite kamaojanera and prematurely born baby.

An important information

8 days if you are a regular menstrual period to the 18th day of the 10th month of pregnancy are more likely to become pregnant if they sabaceya whom are irregular menstrual periods is less than the minus 18, and most of the time during the 10 minus his date with her monthly obhulesana can count on somebody yemana 6 monthly intervals to 31 days, then 31-10 = 2618 = 8 and 1, ie, the period from the 8th day of the 1 st day of trying to conceive they are more likely to be successful.

Your doctor will also ask some questions of course,
1kakhana stop birth control method?
You must calculate 2obhulesanera date.
3ki understand what symptoms to look pregnant.

Is not usually monthly, to grow breasts, nausea in the morning they saw the pregnancy test shows erapara Sure to be done.

Be aware of your views for the implementation of the dream .and januna comply.


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