The island of love Valentine’s Day


valoFebruary 14, Valentine’s Day. Day Valentine’s Day, we say bhasira Bengali language. Favorite favorite places around the world on this day of the rest of the year is a unique feeling. So everyone looking for a trip to a place a little exception.

If you like the heart of a piece of land is the exception, however, does not want to hang out there. Australia is such a great place to celebrate Valentine’s Day, “Makepeace Island ‘or Makepeace Island. This is probably the most suitable place for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. The island is the view of the human heart. So the heart of man is the best place to visit.

The island is owned by the Australian airline company Virgin Australia. British billionaire Sir Richard Charles Nicholas and humanitarian branasanera Home. The whole island is only one home. Twenty-two guests can stay here. A two-storey building, a tennis ground, stage. The capacity of five million liters of water in a swimming pool. The island in the middle of the swimming pulatira. There’s a restaurant.

Hannah Makepeace has been named after the former owner of the island. Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson bought the island in 009. The island was declared as 011 of its Australian home. Branasanera come to the island for a family vacation.


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