If you want to make love to tell


fffdOn February 14, Valentine’s Day. Everyone would love to loved ones in many ways.
The boyfriend-girlfriends to another open heart will be full or romantic conversation. Maybe the wind will begin to love one’s life. Some are looking for friends on Facebook, Twitter, or online dating sites or ayapagulote. Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS will be sent many messages.

But online, they will be on a need to remember them. Can not say anything, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘sorry’ word.
Hinge the name of an online dating application has published a report analyzing the user data. When searching for a partner online, send messages, where some of the words I can not say any words to say it should not be published. The whole day, the location of the user’s data Hinge Hinge officials who are online at the beginning of the conversation: “I’m sorry,” the term they use to collect up to 56 percent of a person’s contact numbers is not possible.

In addition, plan on being unable to talk about the plan, especially thikathakamato ‘Weekend’, ‘Next Week’, etc. Words can reduce the possibility of the use of date. Studies have shown that, during online date ‘elaoela’ or ‘lol’ is the word to use. 17 percent of the way to get the contact number becomes “lalera use. In addition, around 1 percent of each other’s name, but it still brings positive results.


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