The 7 habits are quickly increasing age



Normal process. If you do not want or age will increase his or her own pace. But do you know what your habits have contributed to the rapid increase in your age? According to new research by anxiety, the old man is very fast. Just what is the worry? 005 Another study, smoking, obesity, family history also responsible for the growth of age. Let us assume that the habits of our age is increasing rapidly.
1. Emotional stress
Stress, frustration, depression, mental stress is known to cause all the trouble. Stress can harm the physical and mental health. Rapid increases in age. Not only does it chapao skin ages.
II. The sun’s heat
Another reason for the increase in the age of the sun without sunscreen roam. The sun’s harmful rays can cause skin contraction. Pigamentesana sunlight destroys the skin. In addition, the damaged skin tissue elasticity of the skin by increasing the age of the sun’s heat.
3. Smoking
Only if you think you’ve been smoking is injurious to health, but you’re with the wrong idea. Smoking is also responsible for much of the growth of your age. A study conducted by University of Helsinki in Finland who watched those who do not smoke is smoke, they live more than 10 years. Not only that, each time you dharachena a cigarette, every time you die, 15 minutes, coming forward. Drinking, smoking, as well as the practice is responsible for the growth of your age.
4. Abdominal fat
Excessive abdominal fat, high blood pressure is responsible for the growth. Extra fat is hindering your breathing. As a result, your heart has to work harder to pump oxygen-rich blood, which is known to cause high blood pressure.
5. Irregular sleep
Irregular or insufficient sleep, your age is increasing rapidly. At least 6 to 8 hours of sleep for an adult. Insufficient sleep, dark circles under the eyes cast. Which gives rise to age your skin.
6. Sugar
Age is responsible for the growth of unhealthy foods such as sugar, are responsible. Montreal 009 studies that laiphaspyana or longevity is affected by glucose. Additional sugar or sugar foods increase the amount of sugar in the body, which is rapidly increasing age.
7. Antioxidant lack of food
Lack of anti-oxidant rich foods in your age affect the process. The lack of anti-oxidants that damage the skin ages is impressed.


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