Fairy of the pupil in response to the so-called husband and Kabinanama


gddddSome of the online media, social media, and the heroine of the fairy stone dhallywood with photos and reports of the alleged hit man and a Bride price reacted fairy gem. He said, ‘I saw the film I was surprised myself. This was hard to believe that I am my own man. People decry anyone could stoop so low, I do not know. I want to make sure. The next film I’m not the man. Bride price down so that no one else can make. Photoshop images and Facebook has made. ”
Fairy Mani said, “Who are these people behind me I’ll find out. It would be impossible for me to do. Maybe take a little time. ”
Sunday morning was the social media saragarama chabikanda dhallywood heroine of the fairy stone. First, a man named Abraham Anik claimed Facebook share some pictures of the fairy stone fairy Ismail, wife of his friend.
Share images Anik wrote, “My friend, Ismail and his wife discussed the Bengali film actress fairy smrtimani that today was the apple of his jamaibarite sadarei once forgotten. Then came her addiction to money and greed. Which did not hesitate to leave my simple friend. However, remember the old days was to see the images. So I share with everyone a little. ”
After reading some of the online magazine spread through the social status of the published reports. Facebook’s Verified status on Sunday afternoon after an angry fairy gem feedback.
Jewel fairy wrote, “I am sorry to say but, that expression was getting my sex videos! Hey, brother, I like this picture with hajarajanera. This does not mean that my husband takes his Thousand. What they seem to skip a huge chabikhana has found grounded near yeikhana? I’m sitting basaraghare wife adorned the film? I’m damrayao are bare, what?
“This is the kind of picture you are doing today on this news, with you there. This photo around a lot more than that. If you add sabagulai my son .’- angry fairy.
After an hour or so, however, the status of the fairy gem delete it. But already the subject of social media has become one of the most talked-about his status. Many of his status by posting screenshots questioned the social responsibility of an artist.
However, this status does not relish the cut gem fairy escape from buying again surprised everyone with three strangers close selaphi three shows. He wrote the caption, “Today’s Quiz: Can you tell me what my next relationship I have with these boys? Husband Right ??? Pikagulo (pictures) has been saved. These will be old one day, too … they will take such news. ”
From Sunday afternoon until 9pm fairy MPs outraged that react on Facebook.
At around 9 pm on the spread of a man named Riaz, Shakil phesabukarera post. Another picture shows a young man he claimed to parimani parimanira the youth and his future wife. Kissing in films a few pictures and was close.

Shakil Riaz If the Facebook post, “a little gem fairy bhabike ago I saw a post about the confusing variety of bhabike scandal has spread. Many people may not know the truth. ”
“I think (the fairy stone), the original name of the Samsun Nahar memories. I think we are very close to the elder brother-in-law. Kabir’s the name of the fragrance. Bhabike spreading misleading information about the reason why I could not stay longer silently. I think now is the time to promote the truth in front of everyone. Brother and I were married on April 01 in 8. After three years of love and later married rock, they agreed that the two families. Keshobpur’s home district. ”
Shakil Riaz said, “Brother, and I think the world of their profession is different. Brother by profession, is a professional footballer. Brother and brother’s family consent I entered the world of the media. Brother and sister think about their careers, their relationship has to hide. They are still married and living together. ”
He claims he can prove it. He might want to prove to anyone. When contacted about the matter with him, then he Ferdous Kabir, Sourav Ganguly and phone numbers, and some intimate pictures of fairy reporter sent to the inbox.
When contacted, Ganguly said the number of marriage, it does not require any proof. In this case, however, he is ready to prove. Kabinanama to have his marriage.
After a while Shakil Riaz Kabinanama Facebook account was sent to reporters.
The reporter called the fragrance. He went on to say, in the village of Narail district princess fairy grandfather’s house. The first sees the angel. It is about 009.
Sourav played football at the time. He later played in Dhaka Brothers Union. Once he arrived here with a dream to play for the national team. At that time, after three long years of love and they married on April 01 8. They were married in Jessore kesabapurera a Dr. office.
After marriage, Sourav came to Dhaka. A few days later, arrived in Dhaka pario. At that time, however, they could not tell anyone about the marriage. Ganguly family approve of the marriage.
Sourav fairy phone call that has cut itself. While the angel will tell you more details about this on the phone will give you the phone. ”
Then at 1 pm at night when the phone again, got married and did not disclose the information to Kabinanama fragrance began to cry and beg. Said, “Brother, I do not lie drop. If you do not have it with me chapale. We will be divorced. “He said again,” I said another. Brother told him not to show it. ”
The jewel fairy-starrer ‘heart burn’ film was released nationwide on January 9 last year. The film, directed by the wonderful fairy acted against Rana Sadiq actor Simon.


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