I ‘collective fraud’ does not want to be associated with: APU


opuA lot of people in Bangladesh emotional. To believe in love. This is the faith that does not hurt any. On behalf of our country, who are playing a key role in joint production, I appeal to them to be, you do not break the faith of the common people. For those who go to see the film co-production, if they cheated and hurt us, ‘This is going to talk about co-production film’s leading actress Nutan dhallywood feedback.
Online APU NTV said, “We have language, with blood, we liberated the country with blood. But for all their krstikalacarera. Calcutta, and our different cultures. We respect all the kalacarake. Now, none of the co-production so that our culture does not break. If the audience wants to see our kalacarai. Mix culture collective picture of the visitors do not see. ”
The film co-production that language is used, it is alleged that it is not our language, he said, “and Kolkata, where Bengali is spoken in the world, they think of every style icon. Now, if another image is used in the Bengali language, the people of the world will be confused. Language for those who fought and gave their blood to see pictures of our co-production, then laughed. ”
Why is he not doing the film co-production, in response to questions, said APU, I have suggested that brown film, the cover picture seems to have been co-productions. I do not want to be associated with collective fraud. A co-production of the film comes to the right, then I will. ‘Co-production, the film is not properly comply with the rules Apu says.
Co-production, the film also seems to have started a contest Apu Biswas. He is annoyed about it somehow, so there is nothing to be mad. Calcutta situation was like at that time, they did not come to work with us. Now they are forced to work with us. Bengali film world’s biggest market for Bangladesh. The reason that they do this every film, they are seeking to catch up with our bajaratai ‘, so his commentary.
Shakib Khan is the hero of the film co-production, so that he did not know before, recently learned. APU in response to the agreement creating the NTV as I know. I have known him for a long time, I know. I believe he works in film co-productions, there will not be any hype. “


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