Some people love eye makeup tips to make yourself attractive



Like other countries of the world in our country, and Valentine’s Day is now celebrated as a universal program. Majhabayasi ranging from teen-teens, college, university student son or daughter is a favorite person of all rickshaw sightseeing tour, or to eat at restaurants or friends together to have fun together. A special day in a special way means women Cosmetics, a tendency to present yourself in a different way. But for jhakki What kind of trouble are faced only a girl knows that. Valentine’s Day and love yourself more attractive to the human eye today, there are some tips for me on behalf of all the sisters. I hope you all will like and will come in handy.

Valentine’s Day is a circulation in our country can be seen that after almost everyone dressed in red type. I think love with a dark blue or white matter sadata and fits very well. So if you want to organize yourself a little Diffrent LUKE blue or white color of these two can keep your clothing selection. The next step is the selection of clothing or makeup Cosmetics.

What is the first thing to keep in mind the color of the clothes and not being out in the morning and in the evening you. In the morning, when he came out with very light skin color or nude color base makeup or lipstick use of color and light that’s why you can complete your makeup. For those guys who are inexperienced at the base makeup makeup to better clean the mouth a little toner to be affixed. And in the face of pan-annotated, neck, eyes down and put his hand down very well.

If there is someone in the face, acne spots or holes with a little more than the amount set by hand to mix well. The skin may be a little time and then mix well mekapata. Take a cake pan with a little splash in the paphata shade to match your skin color. Mekapata be a little long, and if you want to be fresh for a long time, then you are well on your regular phesapaodara face, neck Refer to. It is very much the case with oily skin gives them. The eye makeup with a beautiful shade or heat applied to both the eye. Take the shape of a pen aibro bruta. Along the middle of the cheek from ear to very light shade with no blasana. Sharpe takes it to phesata. The rest was just lipstick. Any color is light during the day and in the evening when the dark color of the lipstick of your choice.

Facial hair was left now was the harness. You can open hair wearing salwar kameez. It will kejuyala a look. If you wear the sari can shoves aside the hands of one or two jarabela bun. And yes forehead, wearing a sari to give a tip, but do not forget at all.

That was a very short time, which is very simple to make a harness a little too beautiful than the other days.

Let each and every day of your life as a Valentine’s Day e-loving …


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