Look how the whole company will be no makeup with glasses?


glass-make-upSome ekacuyali reader feedback, we always give makeup tips, video tutorials give. But they just can not understand how lukagulo their whole makeup will be the companion to the glasses. Many people are too afraid to experiment with the look in the eye without glasses. Results … Always the one to try anything other than boring black eyeliners naaja ridaradera eye glasses so we got some makeup tips. I hope you’ll try …

1. Your Best eksesari your casamai

You know how many kinds of glasses frames are available in the market nowadays. I fear it’s the look of the frame a little eksaperimenata dipharenata no !! At least some phesatibha, you can keep phlarati frame, a party or at the gate … for tugedarera to change your look is enough for phremai. I went into a shop to look great without delay any kind of wire frame fit your faces !! You can get online at home again today as the glasses frame of mind …

II. Do not skip a bit boring lukagulo

Why did the girl in most of our country, without eye glasses or maybe painted black liner can not be read nothing else …! It’s a very bad idea. To put it rather the opposite Kajal Kajal lukatai becomes boring. Remember, if you see any kind of black frames, painted in any color / liner can apply. All goes well with the color black. Change your look with a different color to your eyes liner will be further highlighted. The eyes and the eyes look bigger cut tayardanesa …

3. Masakara power januna

Another big mistake in the eyes of those who wear eye glasses just painted / liner is allowed but not Masakara !! Liner rather than asking me if I ask you to use mascara. Who always seemed to wear glasses because their eyes are always tired … so keep an eye on this sleepy eye to remove lyasa curled like to put two coats of mascara karalim. Change the look of the eye You’ll be surprised at …

4. Not sure never to kansilarera

¬†If you have your eye glasses, then surely you know, those eyes, how to get the low-down over their eyes is a dark shade. When the little glasses eye liner can be highlighted so that the eyes are dark circles appear more bad way … So do not forget to put kansilara makeup under the eyes of the wise. One of the biggest mistakes in applying makeup kansilara not well …

5. Eyebrows on separate days najara

¬†Makeup eyebrow shape well during the course of the day. Eyebrows up your whole face into a frame. Within the frame of the glasses so beautiful eyebrows when it will be your eyes bright and alive … Use a good eye bra changed. Amcare eyebrows with some hair gel to the top of the set. Reading glasses open day will be nice and tidy your eyebrows. Who took off his glasses as regular glasses, and then suddenly they are weak, there is a different take, will not happen again.

6. Heat trikasa

The trick seems rakhuna

The more fat you have, the more eyes on your glasses frames is thick liner. If you are thin frames / glasses if rimalesa liner and fine lines. And with the slim frame is not thick nor thin liner with a thick frame, will not.

7. And of course blasa

The next section highlights your eyes with eye glasses. So in the middle part of the face makeup at this time should be special. Especially if your eyes are small, tired and dark circles are added. Blasera use the correct shade for your face and bring life back to take away the focus from the errors of the eye.

8. Bold lipasa

As I said just now, the focus often leads to the appearance of the glasses. Therefore, a different vision of the lips. Indian Brown Skin tone frame glasses, dark suit with any bold, warm color, very good. So instead of the bold leap a little heavy sajagoje smoky look, i go. Heavy eye makeup does not suit with glasses. Therefore, in the light eye shadow and bright makeup for lips that make use nina red, reddish orange, mauve, Dusty Rose, wine, berry color tone leap. Heavy eye makeup is more fresh than you would see it.

9. Once again the eyes of the base mekaape bulana

Take a look at the last step, of course, be powdery makeup if you have your makeup. The base is smooth and full makeup. Surely you do not want that to be your loose setting powder, powder spread over your glasses. Let’s see your crease or fall out of the frame and pyaci Foundation kansilara … !!! Very well, with attention to blenada base.


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