What eyajamaya at garbhadharanakalina suffering?



Asthma is a respiratory inflammatory diseases. Some of the symptoms are difficulty in breathing, the sound during breathing, chest pain, cough. These symptoms are usually felt more at night. Some of the objects from the outside or allergic respiratory disease in stimulating the inflammation and structural changes. The result is difficulty breathing airway narrowing. Some reasons are: the prevalence of asthma can cause

Dhulobali, flowers, Renu, cold weather

Saririka labor, exercise

Paribesa pollution, cigarette smoke

-mental pressure


Kiki shortness of breath may be due to pregnancy?

The child in the womb of the mother of little more than a common difficulty in breathing. Hormonal changes and the varying positions of the lungs often contain karanagarbhabasthaya karaneemanati in the meantime, also for the first time brings the symptoms of asthma, but it is difficult to measure. Because it may be due to normal pregnancy may have other pathology, such as asthma, thyroid hormone eyabanaramaliti, blood, etc. depletion. So nirnayerajanya asthma need proper history and observation.

One hundred percent of pregnant women suffer from three or four eyajamaya. For some time during pregnancy leads to breathing trouble, and it becomes difficult to control, and some may remain unchanged or may be earlier than the least difficulty breathing.

Garbhadharanakalina uncontrolled asthma can cause problems for the mother and the baby, such as low birth weight babies, before the birth, the mother’s blood pressure to rise, including pre-eklampasiya. Parinatite uncontrolled asthma mother and child becomes a greater risk of death. Asthma control is not harmful, but if it was preganenasite.

Some mothers infected with asthma karaniyah

Pregnant mothers who have asthma or pregnancy should have caught it at an early stage of a disease specialist doctor regularly supervised. Every mother’s breath, according to the amount of pain is a medical plan. Two of the beta adrenargic agonist inhalers used for breathing difficulties and a corticosteroid inhaler. In addition, other drugs, including the food thiophailina, mantilukasta, kitotiphena, steroid tyabaletaeyajama mothers infected with the disease is a topic that needs to niscintakara used this medication is safe for the unborn child. Many can be seen in the doctor’s advice not to think about the loss of a child garbhasta suddenly stop taking the medication, thereby increasing the risk of respiratory problems, and sometimes it becomes difficult to control.

Digestive problems or book-burning can increase the incidence of asthma. Therefore, the chemist will keep control of acid gas emissions, at times, a little bit more hungry and eat three to four hours after eating should go to bed.

They should have a higher incidence of respiratory distress in mothers after seven months of pregnancy to be a regular kid nod to note that high. You should tell your doctor if you think your baby is less than nod ride.

May increase the incidence of allergic asthma due to the national product will stay away from it. This will lower the amount of medication use.

To reduce the incidence of asthma, which can be bhekasina garbhadharanakalina influenza can be at any time.

Asthma infected mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their child on a regular basis, it’s necessary eyantibadi baby from mother to be able to protect him from the attack or any attack will signal.


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