Some important tips to massage the baby’s body



Body massage increases blood circulation in the body and increases the body’s immune system. Peace is full of baby massage can be a perfect sleep. Many of these can be resolved through samyasara baby body massage, such as weight gain, increased appetite, and reducing child’s bad digestion, blood circulation increases, the normal tissue is compressed.

Apply the oil before bathing in a bath called a tradisanao. With the birth of the child, mother, grandmother, grandmother, children cacira ranching provides a variety of tips. And if the child also must shower before bathing rub the oil is. But maybe not ever ask, how is the right way or the benefits of massage oil. Baby’s body masajim gel to massage, baby oil, baby lotion or you can take. Straight to the baby’s body is slippery so as to facilitate massage.

Baby Body massage Benefits

Bebira increases resistance to disease and cold, fever and stomach reduces the chance of disease.

Bebira helps in the formation of the brain.

Bebira is well-organized and strong bones.

Bebira haramonake helpful stimulate growth.

Baby massage time nibarcanah

Body massage the baby’s stomach is never full. So it’s not an empty stomach, because we all know that children sleep in hunger in the stomach and becomes a little irritable. So all the better if the child is eating one and a half hours after the start. The best time to take a bath before the massage 12 hours before or 12 hours of sleep the night before. Abyasai can be noticed in children than the other because it’s very important to stay calm baby will be able to enjoy a full massage. If possible, turn off the TV and listen to music, the people we love the children can play a song a few volumes. Try to keep the room cool environment all the time. You can also sing songs by humming with babies. Of the total, that baby will enjoy more than to be able to do so.

Before you begin massage Need

You can use warm oil cup oil bowl of hot water for the day will be warm enough. It would be more enjoyable for the children and what they need to before the start of massage are:

1 / a sheet or towel (to lay)

II / oil or cream (for massage)

3 / bowl (for oil)

4 / soft towels (to wipe the body)

5 / hot water (for heating oil or for bathing)

6 / Enough Time

Baby masajah

No. 1 citrah

1. Bebike a mat or towel to lie on the first day. First, babies need to massage the feet. And it will do with your two hands. First babies feet [from the mean score]with one hand down to the ankle to stop. This time the same with the other hand to be pulled down. This massage is a massage is very important. This massage helps the child to walk quickly overcome inertia and baby bone density. This massage will be 5 times, if possible.

II. First, your child’s feet, drop a few drops of oil. Then the old man with his finger in the baby’s heel to toe, pull up to the top and pull down from the top.

3. It runs from the toes to come down to do the massage and allowing babies one at a time and gently pull the toes. This massage 3 times.

The No. citrah

1. If the upper part of the chest and shoulder massage at the middle to the end. With light pressure to the massage. 3/4 times more this way and end times will withdraw his hand near the chest.

II. From the shoulder to the hand massage at the finish. He came to the first floor to your old hand finger pressure massage babies and babies one at a time allowing the finger to gently pull.

3. Abdominal massage from the bottom right hand side of the [clockwise]come to the end of the stomach on the left side. As a result, your child will be released from all forms of abdominal occurred. 3/4 times the massage.

No. 3 citrah

1. Forefinger or middle finger to the middle of the forehead and the cheek at the end of the massage. This massage will make the round of the finger.

2ei bar massage your baby at the end of the day, so bebike fell down and relax. On the back of your hand to help the baby’s spine to shift away from a long way and the child’s spinal Walk with your finger. To this 5 times.

3. If the baby began to cry in any way, or if the pain masaje babies with the massage off. Please try again the next day.
Put some time to massage your babies in daily routines. Baby massage can be enjoyed at the beginning. And the day is not possible, a full massage, massage increase little by little. If the baby will be ready in time for the massage itself, and with the sweet babies spent.


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