The death of half a million penguins



In essence mother nature outside world. In order to maintain its dominance as a species man has authority on the nature of the early. As time goes on the front of the book on the nature of the violence is increasing not decreasing. But that does not stop nature. Sometimes it takes revenge his hand weapon. However, the nature of how terrible revenge may be half a million penguins died together in the sample.

Recently, one shaped like the Antarctic continent due to climate change bisalakara baraphakhanda like ice broke away from the original. Separation of the ice volume is about the same size of the city of Rome. The most important thing that is different is the volume was about one and a half million ayadile khandatitei penguins habitat. One thousand one hundred and twenty square miles in the snow to die khandatite of all penguinai occurs. According to researchers, about 70 miles away from their home penguinagulo food sandhanei originally went there.

Thukare are dead penguins kite sakune
Located at the University of New South Wales Climate Change Research Centre of Australia is called the 011 number where the East Antarctic penguins, birds were about one million sixty thousand, ten thousand, now has the same number. According to the company, within the next twenty years would be cut off if you happen to ice the Penguin jaladii bird will disappear.

Researchers have long questioned the east Antarctic ice melts. More carbon emissions in the developed world as a result of the ice melting at a rate higher than normal. This is normal due to the ice melting ice caiyera are less dense than ever before. So deep in the sea ice floating off the caigulo periodically. Penguin Antarctic ice sheet would be cut off before the death occurred.


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