Beautification of the use of lemons!



Compared to men, women are ahead of the saundaryacarcaya. The beautification of women in different ways during the busy season. But the list, you can use lemon.
Lemon flavor enhancers are not just our livelihood, it is beneficial for your skin and hair. The growth of skin beauty using a variety of lemon discussed below are:
1. If you have a lot on your skin to remove blakahedasa can use lemon. Only took a bowl of lemon juice. The wine, put it on your skin with the help of cotton. To do this every day. Blakahedasa will not see any of your skin.
II. Do not dry your skin or rough? If you do not use your everyday use mayescaraija, please enter your kitchen. Make a paste by mixing honey and lemon juice together. Now this paste on your face, hands and legs affixed remove. When mixed with water, it can take more than a thick paste.
3. Another good for the skin can create mayescaraija. Only pure coconut water mixed with a few drops of lemon juice in the morning every day use. Then you will feel fresh.
4. Elbows and knees to get rid of black spots along the middle of citrus black spot rub off. The spots will be gone.
5. The lemon can use to change your lip color. Sugar mixed with lemon juice to keep it on the lips. Make the rub well. Your lips will be pink.


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