Valentine’s Day is the day of the wedding!



February 14, Valentine’s Day. Nearly all countries in the world this day is celebrated through various events. But do you know the history of Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is where to start. This is how it started?
In the city of Rome in 269, a Christian priest and a doctor was called St. bhyaleitainasa. Preaching – for the Roman emperor kradiyasa captured him. Because the Roman Empire, Christianity was prohibited.
A prison guard intently through her treatment in prison, he heals. St. bhyaleitainasera jealous of the popularity of the king to death. The day was February 14th. Then, in 496, Pope St. Julius bhyaleitainasa jelasiuo 1st February 14th, Valentine’s Day was remembered.
The continuation of the February 14 Valentine’s Day is still celebrated as the man. On this day every year, many married baraletera Victory Center. Those who were married before they come here again on Monday took oath of marriage.
The wedding ceremony was conducted by Rev. Patricia Campbell. After the wedding cake is cut and arranged in a variety of them.-Source: Daily Herald.


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