Henna designs are beautiful and spectacular 6


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Henna designs are beautiful and spectacular 6
Henna designs are beautiful and spectacular 6
November 15, 2015 self, nail care and grooming, Bridal, Beauty tips 0 Comments
At present, it is understood the importance of marriage in our culture, henna, Eid, worship, festivals like New Year’s. In fact, one of the festival’s name as Mehdi. The festival is also no utsabai not perfection. Hand colored with henna that’s been going on since ancient times; The demand is still not changed at all. But greatly increased.

But yes, Mehdi usage has changed. Before we had henna hand in the middle of the circle and each finger like a hat. Mehdi is no longer limited to the palm of the hand. Now, henna designs wrist, elbow and arm kathano kathano is up. Not just your hands, you can use the Mehdi other places. Mehdi is designed according to the different places. Here are some eye catching designs of henna to share today, I hope you will like designs.

1. This type of design you Engagement, New Year, idasaha any particular day, you can use your hands, which will help to attract people’s attention to your hands.

II. You can hand the design arm.

3. This type of design on the back or shoulder to remind you to take your parenaebam hope to put this kind of design you will be able to close the camakiye.

4. This is a gorgeous design. This is the other side of the maze and put both hands to his marriage kane can take.

5. This is a great design make this any program can dijainabiyesaha duipase your hand.

6. Many people now prefer to wear henna hand karenatai leg, as well as those who prefer such designs you can choose for any occasion.

Not just a special day, every day can make decked herself with henna. However, Mehdi use to be a little careful. The tubes are available in the market nowadays, because of henna to the skin, it may not be for everyone. In that case, the skin can be a bad thing. So those extra sensitive skin, the skin gets Mehdi be careful. Attacked the home market than the use of henna paste. If that is not possible, try to collect the best Mehdi Cone.


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