Winter hat fashion design aspects of the games!




Although the winter was late this year. In different parts of the city has become a hot market for warm clothes. Shawls, sweaters, as well as the purchase of various types of head and ears to protect them from frost in the air cap is popular. The market was around, there are all kinds of colors colorful hat.
Different hats

Monkey ear hat or cap covered: astinasaha caps has become so popular. Bear children, cartoon hat, hat for adults is available in monochrome or color combination.

Muffler hat: a hat is now on the market, which will be part of the neck is wrapped.

Like cap: This wool is coarse cloth vest. This hat is very popular among the children.

Eared hat: usually a little behind this hat is hung. This hat is quite popular among women. Road dust and cold weather to protect hair from the comfortably for the hat.

If you rush to go anywhere with this hat hair styles Girls’ dress attire will be a touch of modernity. However, the case study should be aware of the color of clothes and hat.

Buhari has a market cap. Also in the old fashion hat coarse wool hat, face and covering his head together bajarekona hat hats agree more? Wander on the question. To coincide with the facial structure and skin color you’d like to see wearing a hat. There are no specific rules to wear hats in the winter. Some things, however, would follow suit everyone calalei.

Short hair: short hair, they are those who can keep the hair cap. A little bit of hair on the side of the hair to keep it out.
The hair is short: the forehead in front of the short hair, whom they wanted to keep it out. If more random hair can be easily thrust into the hat.

Choosing the right hat

It is also important to pick the right hat to escape from the cold. Color, size, and depends a lot on the hat design.

Color: the color should be chosen to be compatible with all types of clothes. Such as black, brown, blue, with clothing that can adapt to any cap. Festive atmosphere of red, white or green hat can be worn. If you prefer bright colors one can choose yellow or neon hat.
Size: always a little loose, which would cap should be chosen. The elastic used the hat to the forehead becomes tight if they cause discomfort. Even forehead spots and threw.
Decoration: always cap should be chosen to be compatible with the entire winter clothes. However, many also wear a different hat design can bring a variety of clothes.


Hair, short hair, they can keep within the cap. The city’s New Market, Gauchhia market, Chandrima Super Market, Noorjahan market, Badruddoza market, bangabajara, who will receive gulistanasaha in many colors paint colorful winter hat.

How much?

50 each in the price cap 3 ‘money into. Rakamabhedera depends on the price of cloth hat. The price of cotton vest hat 1 from 50 billion rupees.

China and Bangladesh, more than the market cap of the market has been observed. China compared to the higher price of the hat. Children’s games most expensive hat.


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