Trendah gown new fashion style salwar kameez



Fashion conscious women are always looking for something new. There was a trend of Anarkali salwar 013 and 014 of the new trends in fashion, the salwar-gown.

What is the salwar-gown?
Anarkali gowns saloyarake-saloyarera slightly improved version can be called. Although Anarkali-saloyarera has its own beauty. Just as the gown is clothing as the clay from the feet up from the ground is jhulao. So it looks like to see the gown. Therefore, it is called salwar gauna.

Salooyarera gown and has a wonderful melabandhane this beautiful dress.

Saloyarera gown Features

I said earlier that this type of clothing is to soot payera page. The upper part and the lower part of the buttocks tight from the Ghagra is spreading like. This type of dress is generally quite heavy. Saloyarera the legs are made of.

Salwar gowns are usually quite soft so it would look good wearing any occasion.

Saloyarera gown fit gayanah

There can never be complete without jewelry to fit her harness. Costume jewelery with stones maltikalarera saloyarera gowns or suits like jewelry. However, since much of the heavy saloyare gown is designed to be so good if you were wearing just their ears heavy stone jewelry. Sajata then take the better. Can be worn on a chain around his neck is very narrow. If you are long sleeve gown-salwar If you do not wear something like this. And if you are short sleeve gown-wearing salwar byangela hand, if you’d like. However, a large stone to the ring wearing a very nice suits. If it is a large-scale ring finger and middle finger of the hand wearing a ring, it would look very stylish.

Hair sajah

The proud puff of hair on the front of the hair or the hair in a low bun can be kept open’d like danger. However, the danger in front of the bun hair sample is bound to be tight. However, if you want to tie a ponytail can not khopa.


There is a grandeur in this type of attire. So with this type of clothing, but not like any ordinary shoes. With a little high-heeled shoes, wearing gowns saloyarera would like. Saloyarera soot foot until the gown is so stileto or high-heeled shoes are the best. If the stone is jutotaya Crafts, then growled. Do you feel more comfortable to wear high-heeled shoes, then there is no reason to upset. Any party sandals but not quite agree.


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