Who walked on the moon?



1969. 0 of July. 10 pm (Houston time) ‘s still some time left. Suddenly, the world’s most curious people began to be a bit quieter this time. Because they are waiting for something special. The event will happen in a few minutes. The world is now watching TV stesanagulora thereto. They are waiting for the historic telecast temporary closed for this particular event to be broadcast live.

At one time it was broadcast. The steadfast people looked at the TV screen. Because dreams can come true, people are going to step on the moon. The screen image is occasionally shaken, but through her camera turns down a metal staircase to the bottom. Downstairs is the land of gray dust ranhina. The TV screen was seen by an astronaut’s feet, sandals, he descended to step down very carefully. The last step on the moon, got the jump and went out of the TV screen.

The spacecraft began orbiting camera very slowly. Book Now people saw the great lonely moon. Volcano caused the hole, rocks and gray colored stone kucite admitted to the loneliness. The first man in the stands of the moon. Go into space from a short distance, she began to tumble, its kanthasara jhapasabhabe is heard. Once she was out of her dress in a fragmented astronauts folding the flag. Pair it with a flag planted on the moon, said. Kayekadhapa back at the end of the military salute to the flag, he said.

United had to walk on the moon, this is a reality, then the Soviet moon mission, as well as another reality, but our imagination is too absurd to be believed. 016 of February and the 50th anniversary of the realities of a communist nation (then the USSR), on behalf of all mankind’s first landing on the moon has claimed.

In February 1966, a Russian probe Luna -9 spacecraft first landed on the moon. Objectives of the mission to the moon’s surface and examined in order to execute the basic human spacecraft to the moon may appear.

Principal Doug Millard Space Museum in London, said: “In mid-1960, both the American and the Soviet Union to the moon was to try to outdo. But the moon can not be sent to people in places like rush. People need to send before sending the robot so that the device can be collected enough useful information. The Russians were doing before. But we have a tendency to forget about their success. “

Luna -9
-9 The spacecraft Luna standing three meters tall. It’s a lot like the Apollo moon lyandarera was fitted with a 4-leg. Was a hemispherical dome above the legs. Four were planted on the side of the dome-like flower petals to the metal plate to match. But on February 3, 1966, Luna 9 landed on the moon, the Soviet Union was announced. Moon mission planners were waiting for the people of the world to the biggest news. They actually wanted to give people the news to everyone on the moon.

Millard said, “Luna -9 images of the moon that he had been sent to the world is a wave that can easily be taken. England ‘jadarela Bank radio telescope took pictures and had world-wide publicity. “

The space race was the newspaper’s readers are ahead of a lot more Russians than Americans. BBC Director of the Bank, Sir Bernard labhela media jadarela the moon landing a “historic event” as described. He said, “This was the last man on the moon purnanga preparation.”

The surface of the moon
Both the US and Russia to send man to the moon, because of the hesitation that was in place, Muna 9 from 9 films the problem is resolved. Khatakata of the surface of the moon. Scientists had feared, so the surface of the moon, maybe deep down in the dust, or filling in where people can not stand, could be submerged. Luna proved -9 firm surface of the moon. The Russian-US plans to send both men began to swing.

Astronaut on the moon, that the Soviets were planning to send her to the US ‘Apollo’ plan was harmony. According to the plan, the rocket will be thrown into a control module to the lunar orbit and landing. 3 people Apollo spacecraft landing vehicle control module and a connecting tunnel between the two men and the communication module and the landing vehicle designed in the Soviet Union did not have any connection to the tunnel. Space has been swept them off alone on the moon.

The obvious candidate for the Russian space walk Alexey lionabha citizens. LK -3 five meters tall and round the moon landing vehicle in the name of what he once was trained in England, is still on display at the Science Museum.

However, additional security measures were made in the Soviet spacecraft, meaning that it was not Apollo. For example, the moon lander device for use in time of danger and a back-up engine was fitted as an extra precaution had been sent to another rabotika lionabha before landing. Millard said, “It was lionabha for any reason, fails to land on the moon with her, go for it, and at the same time as demonstrating his way to work.”

The Russian plan was very tidy. Moon landing traffic was successfully tested in a small car in the shape of Earth’s orbit and to the moon first rabotika -1 lunokhoda got to go on the moon in 1970.

Apollo 11
The unfortunate thing is that the giant moon lionabhake N-1 rocket had failed to start once the successful flight of the Soviet space program. USA -5 Saturn rocket 346 feet tall, like the N-1 rocket was gigantic. It was added in the first 30 engines.

The chief Soviet rocket designer Sergei karolebhera after the untimely death of its construction was completed in haste. For that reason, in February 1969, the first test flight before the engines were not well. As a result of the soaring fail. 197 were tested four times each in the N-1 rocket, but failed each time.

But the man on the moon before the Russians, the success of the effort is to ensure that ran the Soviet Union. Although the activities of the moon mission until 1974, has been canceled.

Russian lunokhada go to the moon
But the thing that can not be forgotten is that, if rabotika landing on the moon before the Russians was then taken to the device. Even in January 1973, the commander of the Apollo -17 gene, because the last time the moon coming up from the ground after the second Russian rabotika lunokhada another Moon mission Chandrayaan was launched 4 months. The purpose of this mission was sent to the high-resolution pictures.

If the Russian N-1 rocket program was started a few years ago, it was Alexey lionabhai the first man on the moon walks. Unfortunately it did not happen. Blue Moon has become the first human in its place armasatram. Millard said, “I know some people will not believe it. If lionabha was the first man in the moon, the first flag on the moon, when the wind changed and the flag of the urata pata pata, and it was speculated about the people. Since there is no air on the moon, then why fly the flag? It was exactly the same controversial stories in the world. “


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