Journey by train newlyweds



Railway station suddenly hobby-ventricle. People have looked surprised. No, they’re not going anywhere. Shooting is underway. After marriage, the couple tied the two together, one after the other is the drama. Railway station so there was a shooting. The train took some pictures of two smiling.

But the real story is not as dramatic. How to play the story? Listen, nilayera want these birth. Kushtia studied. BCS cadre along with the dream came to my uncle’s house. Admission to the coaching. Suddenly, in the midst of a family made plans to tour outside the uncle. Nilaya appeared determined to tame the bag on his shoulder. Carenani train never before. So you see around the station. The train will leave at 8 am. But all of a sudden lost uncle mamike crowd. Then there was another train platforms. Sat down and ran. After the phone on the train climbed uncle did wrong. He still did not leave the train. If preparing to jump from the moving train. Just then hit from behind nilayera hand hobby. “What are you doing! I’ll die! “But instead of two, as well as each other you know. The train is going. Items sweet talk.

The units that have been built galpei drama ‘The Train’.

Dr Ullah wrote the play Sohag. Managed by Ullah and Dr Nahid Hasan Sohag. Shooting of the play was at the station. The play will be aired on a private television channel soon.

In addition to roles in several plays nilaya hobby-Aryan, flame Khan


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