Pakistan’s Sindh province, the Hindu marriage recognized



Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country in the world. Islamic law would not be recognized because of the state where the Hindu marriage. Hindus in Sindh province of Pakistan’s first marriage was to provide recognition and registration rights. The law was passed in Sindh province on Monday. Nearly 30 million Hindus live in Sindh, Pakistan.

Human rights activists say the law, due to the absence of the Hindu women are victims of forced conversions, kidnappings and rape. Moreover, there is a lack of rights for widows in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Parliament recognized the Hindu Marriage Act to increase the range are considering.

Another group of Pakistan’s Christian minority. There would have been used for the recognition of their marriage is an act of colonial period. But it was not even for Hindus.

Most were suffering due to lack of official recognition of marriage hinduderakei open bank accounts, apply for a visa application and on such issues as national identity card.


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