Thyroid cancer answers some questions about the root of Nuclear Medicine



Nuclear medicine has a big role in medicine. Dr. spoke. Mizanul Hassan. He is currently at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, the National Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, is working as a director.

Q: What do you do under the Nuclear Medicine in the diagnosis and treatment?

Answer: We are familiar with the issue of peaceful use of nuclear energy. We know the power of the atomic destruction. We Hiroshima, Nagasaki seen horrors. Yet we have seen this kind of nuclear accident. However, the diagnosis and treatment of human medicine we’ve been using it. The use of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and remedy we are. This sakhakei Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Medicine can tell or Bengal.

Q: What has branches for diagnosis and treatment?

Answer: Actually, now very widely used in nuclear medicine. Today, nearly 50 years ago, the country has launched the Nuclear Medicine. Today I can say at the present situation, any organ of the body, where Nuclear Medicine Nuclear medicine is being used or not. For example, thyroid, heart, lungs, digestive system, liver, bone or bone-all methods we are using nuclear medicine.

Q: Where are the Nuclear Medicine Center at the government level, where you’ve been with this diagnosis and cikitsagulo?

Answer: I’ve been working on the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, National Institute of us. Dhaka government of Dhaka Medical College and Mitford Medical College Institute of us have two more. In addition, at various places across the country, especially those in the old Medical College, the Medical College, the Bangladesh government under nuclear power, there are 15 nuclear medicine centers.

Q: What is your center for the diagnosis or treatment is divided?

Answer: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in the Institute, the National Institute of it. Institute currently has seven other categories. Among the six categories directly involved in the diagnosis and treatment.

If I say that as a category, the category of nuclear sentigraphi. When human cancer, this cancer can spread to different places. We are scanning Bowl. Our nuclear nephrology department said. We can diagnose various kidney diseases very easily. How are kidney function, it can.

Nuclear Cardiology us a big department, the heart did not have any kind of problem, I see it. Our thyroid is a large department. Here are all kinds of thyroid diagnosis and treatment of these arrangements.

Many of Nuclear Medicine alatrasaundake to say. I mean for the viewer, in fact, Pierre Nuclear Medicine alatrasaundake we can not say, since there are no radioactive materials used. Here is the use of high frequency sound.

Q: What about treatment of the disease you’ve been under the Nuclear Medicine?

Answer: We use it to eradicate the thyroid gland atipradaha. Besides, in case of thyroid cancer have a very important role in nuclear medicine. There is no alternative for the elimination of nuclear medicine thyroid cancer.

Q: Where is the difference with other treatments?

Answer: The difference is that, in our language, we call it a work in Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging. However, one of inflammation, cancer diagnosis whether we can do a long time ago. The management of this will be easy. And early diagnosis can be. Diagnosis as quickly as we can, the faster we can. The recovery will be more likely.


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