An easy way to remove tension.


tensionEveryone more or less suffer from tension. However, additional tension is harmful for the body. In addition to the increased blood pressure in the body is a lot of damage. Destroy the peace of mind that gave birth to anorexia, sleep disturbing, ugly even by normal relations with others. As much as possible, so everyone should be joyful. Let’s joyful to know a few tips:
1. Take a deep breath and pulled the tension in the chest. Is imbued with enough oxygen into the blood, brain, muscles relax and the heart is cold.
2. Deep breathing and meditation, as well as to withdraw. Almost sleeping brain will create similar conditions. Attend the air pressure decreases.
3. To express his confidence in his own person, we understand the tension is light. Besides his good advice, if necessary, to work with enthusiasm and try to find justification. This anxiety can be resolved.
4. Increase the efficiency of his own, giving up bad habits, less pain or regret reinforce feelings.
5. Light Exercise. As a result, blood can be reduced to the level of frustration.
6. Yoga exercise. There is no alternative to yoga tension away.


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