West Bengal has introduced parental leave



The men and women as well as for maternity leave or child care workers the government will from now on parental leave. The West Bengal government said in a circular issued.
According to the circular, the newly evolved from parents for child care can take a total of 30 days with pay.
Many male employees of the federal government or any other organization in the private sector has already introduced paternity leave. Women employees of the Government of West Bengal after delivery before the holidays in six months. This holiday, however, confined to the two children. The total for the entire service life of the child care leave can take two women employees of West Bengal.
On the other hand, the central government’s male employees from a total of 30 days in two stages can take parental leave.
The last pay commission recommendations for central government employees have been let male servants, child care leave. Women employees as a holiday drinking. This holiday, the commission recommended the inclusion of a single phadaradera.


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