Do not eat the pill to prevent pregnancy 9 Tips



Contraceptive pill increases the risk of cancer for a long time playing. Again, if you eat more frequently with a time of 7 hours pilao after pill does not work anymore. But medicine has come a long way. Know how to prevent pregnancy than the pill. Contraceptive pills have many side effects. Headache, vomiting, ranging from body-not just at the piriyadsa, has mood swings, in addition to several studies, the risk of cancer of the womb is a long time playing this pill. The instant pilaguli eating too much after a while, it does not work. In addition to the regular pills are several methods by which to avoid pregnancy. 9 was the same thing out of 1) During the period, a period many women condom sex without using a condom was. Because conventional idea is that time of the month, there is no possibility of pregnancy. In fact, there is but one possibility. In addition, during the period when the various types of sex without a condom can be infected penis. Ii) the risk of withdrawal ijyakulesanera inside the vagina before the penis out of the neoyakei seems to be the most effective method of avoiding pregnancy. But there is also the possibility that the juice is secreted from the penis before ijyakulesanera because, in a lot of time goes to the sperm. Ijyakulesana to withdraw before the start of what could be complete without. Should not take the risk. 3) Pre-ijakulesana emissions must hand after the penis with your hands, if a tissue paper in hand, you should wear a condom if removed. The emission of sperm and condoms can be secreted outside the wine that takes you anyway, even though the chance of pregnancy after a condom during intercourse can not be ruled out. 4) Avoid exposure should be brought into contact with the vagina penis wearing a condom is not. Pre-ijakulesana emission of sperm is likely to stay. Sperm cells are a type of such emissions, which can live up to 5 days after exposure, and when yonirasera may be reached through the ovarian juice. 5) contraceptive gel for women, there are some contraceptive gel or foam. In addition, 99 percent of them use condoms to avoid pregnancy chances. Najla or plastic ayapliketare found this’ sparmisaidaguli. This looks like a small tablet ayapliketara at least 5 minutes before intercourse inside the vagina to push. As a result, the tension melted embodied ayapliketarati jelati comes out and creates a coating. Sperm can be damaged if exposed to the fluid. Ayapliketara of this type should be used only if the doctor. There are no side effects and does not affect any sexual excitement or satisfaction. 6) inside the contraceptive vaginal contraceptive ring in the ring with a doctor’s advice can be placed up to 3 weeks, however, there is no possibility of pregnancy. After each period to establish a new ring. This particular hormone is secreted during intercourses ringuli sparmake from the disabled. The ring like a ayapliketarera. You can push the girls inside the vagina. 7) The contraceptive injection is an injection of depot probhera contraceptive pills, which is 99 percent effective as a contraceptive changes. If an injection of up to 3 months 3 months of pregnancy can be prevented, but this will not be piriyadsa. This is to take injections in the buttocks or arm. 8) The contraceptive patch is to wear it on her arm. This particular hormone secretion which causes skin color patch enters the body through the skin. A patch works up to a week. Piriyadsera in the rest of the week with the exception of 3 weeks to a month to wear the patch. Without the patch, however, consult a doctor should never wear because it may increase the amount of body istrojenera. Contraceptive implant works in the same way. This arm was put through surgery. Once the surgery is the possibility of pregnancy after 3 years. 9) aiiudi it is a kind of device which is placed iuterase. In India it is known as the Copper-T. There’s also a special type of hormone that destroys the sperm and prevents pregnancy. Piriyadsera no impact on the Copper-T is not. Contraceptive gel, patches, injections and doctor aiiudira mandatory.


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