Obama in the last election, I am lucky that larini ‘



US President Barack Obama can not ever be the trump Trump said in a statement in response to the candidate, he can easily beat him in 01. “Obama in the last election, I am fortunate that larini.
US President Barack Obama and the Republican Party nomination from Donald Trump on Tuesday threw at each other innuendo.
Obama told a news conference in California, the American people have to trust that they will choose not to someone like Trump. The president of the United States to run a different reality show or marketing issues, he said. Bophorte South Carolina primary nomination campaign, Trump’s attention, he said, as President Obama is very bad. Please look at how we’re spending our budget. Thus, we can not lose aiesake.
Obama Care is a very bad thing, we will cancel it. The owner of the Swiss cheese-like holes in our borders. He’s a bad president. So much praise as criticism from this person.
Mitt Romney was the Republican presidential candidate in 01 of the team. Trump thinks Obama’s second term, if elected president, he could not. Triumph said, you are fortunate that Mitt Romney instead of fighting me. I was larale just one term president.


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