The sadness is destroying your beautiful relationship



We love around us, the bonds of friendship with the numerous live. These bonds can be thought of without the normal life of a person is not healthy. But suddenly you are going away this beautiful relations? What are you going to be alone slowly? And as they get to take some friends hat that is not responding? Might cause your inner frustration, sadness.
Studies have shown that for a long time, frustration, upset people were taken away from their relationships. Your state of mind associated with friendship or family relationships and how you maintain or unable to keep pace. How can you affect the mood whether the relationship? Let us assume that what the research says.
Please note
What is a chat to friends or office kaligara started to call different? They are complaining that sometimes arrogant, whimsical or something like this? Pay attention, notice what they think. They have to hide these thoughts, because your behavior. Remember, office parties, maybe the last disappointment, sad story that made you lose anandatai party. Or repeating after the yanai tour with friends, but pointed out as the cause of failure, shame history. That’s why you have long-term negative yecchena everyone away.
Minor fault of the people you care about what you’re going to be upset? Or blame has been repeatedly? According to psychologists at the University of oyartalo Uzma Rehman and his team, who are among the people who have depressive disorder in its relations became very distressing. If they think, they are not happy about the marriage. They feel very disappointed with the small problem and companion, has continued to blame. Frustrated man, one-time partner to understand and appreciate the relationship becomes harder.
Depressogenic weakness
Manastattbake negative was the disappointment. Frustrated people see the wrong in everything around her, and her tendency to impose it on others. Said. This trend has been interpreted as weakness dipresajanika Rehman. Depression left a bad relationship with the people at this stage. He does not see his point of view is wrong. He is convinced all negative. As his life went wrong, others are taking the wrong path in their lives. Try khayala, did not impose any negative views on the loved one?
Said. Rehman and his team feel a significant impact on anxiety, frustration and conflict between the relationship. Since depression and anxiety, and self-reproach close relationship satisfaction as related to each other. The suspicion arises that the relationship is weak disappointment, you can easily feel the anxiety, the incident was fabricated along with the story. The relationship of the worst might be over without your knowledge.
Said. Rehman and his team examined 48 couples on the relationship between depression and anxiety. They see the test for the first time, low-level depression (a companion) affect the relationship satisfaction. But does not create additional anxiety. But 6 months or 1 year after the second test, they see dramatic changes. This can be seen, anxiety about their levels of influence and the suspicion is the worst situation that has led to their satisfaction.
Mix with your daily behavior issues. Please note, konabhage relationships are not going to be a burden to you? If you are suffering from depression too soon to going to be a psychiatrist. Sadness, despair takes the form of a magnitude of mental illness. Requires treatment.


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