Keep a good eye



If you want to keep a good eye has to abide by the following rules

* Sometimes you will have to see eye. If you need glasses to start using it immediately.
* TV, the computer will see that as low as possible. They would pause occasionally while watching. Will see certain distance from the TV. Looking for a long time to be harmful to the eye gaze. Enough sleep and waking up in the morning to practice.
* Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
* If you have a lot of time in the light of the sun rays altrabhayoleta sunglasses after stopping play. Do not look directly at the sun.
* In some playing time, drugs, chemicals or any other company in the eyes of the problem is likely to need to use glasses or glass.
* Not enough light to study. Dim light of the study should be avoided as far as possible
* Smoking should be avoided. This nerve damage and eye cataracts are likely to increase.
* Regular exercise. It increases blood flow to the eye and vision is good.
If you have diabetes or high blood pressure controlled by appropriate treatment.
Any eye problems such as blurred seeing, the eyes become red, headache, etc., if you should see a doctor.


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