Unprecedented security at the Central Shaheed Minar



ETV February this year the Central Shaheed Minar and its surrounding areas has taken unprecedented security measures, police said. Intelligence units, bomb squads, dogs, helicopter units of RAB and police units have been prepared. The ETV € “February about the safety of Inspector General of Police, DMP Commissioner and the Director General of RAB said. Unprecedented security issue came up again and again in their speeches. Inspector General of Police AKM Shahidul Haque told reporters after observing the situation surrounding the fair, on the occasion of the February ekuuse security across the country has been flawless.

ETV February 1 pm the last hours of the night until the early hours of patrol police in the country will continue. Considering all possible threats, but security measures have been taken. He said the country has been brought under the special security department cities. The district towns have been taken under protection. The RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed Shaheed Minar around 11am told reporters after visiting the security system, and the Martyrs’ Day on the occasion of International Mother Language Day Central Shaheed Minar around three layers of security measures to prevent any untoward incident and Rapid Action Battalion. He said, since the President and the Prime Minister to come here,

he will be at the elite special security measures. He also said that as part of the security of the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka Medical College Hospital around and plainclothes RAB personnel will be on duty round the clock. Each mobile patrol team on standby 40 RAB members. The 5-member team of the elite force field. Shaheed Minar around the security system will be responsible for the RAB, RAB, RAB-3 and -4. RAB RAB-10 and other units will be constant surveillance. As part of RAB 0 CCTV cameras and security cameras have been installed in four moving. Earlier on Thursday, February 18, DMP commissioner said achadujjamana Mia, ETV and around the Shaheed Minar on February 9 thousand policemen will be deployed. 8 thousand uniformed and plain clothes of one of the members of the secret police.

The four-tier security arrangements have been made in the area. Later in the day 0 of the capital will work to protect the security police. DMP commissioner said that the Shaheed Minar on ETV flawless security measures have been taken. There are four levels of security, centered Shaheed Minar (bottom) Safety, Jagannath Hall of Dhaka Medical College Hospital TSC-centric security system, turn-Polashi High Court canakharapula-centric security system centered at the top of the Shaheed Minar (Rooftop) security. He said, for the sake of the safety of roads in the area adequate number of police personnel will be deployed. Saturday, the day after the date of 0 to 5 pm to 7 pm in the security system will be maintained. Arcaoyera to be entered in the Shaheed Minar. Shaheed Minar in the streets to protest the TSC will have an adequate number of CCTV cameras installed. There will be a booth next to the Shaheed Minar for monitoring them. Senior police officials and experts will take care of it.

Any inconsistency that may arise will be resolved immediately informed the police officers in the field. The Commissioner said, in plain clothes, who will be responsible for collecting information, they would have merged with the public. No one wanted to use force if it is disrupted. Shaheed Minar and its surrounding areas will be petrolinyera sidewalk, so could not sit there any hawkers. The assembly of any meeting so that they may not be aware of. Dhaka University’s gymnasium for the guests parking in the park have been put in place. This place will not be allowed to park the car somewhere else. The Commissioner also said that the gate of the university, they will be the place to watch. Proctorial Board members and members of the police will help BNCC. After a certain period of time those vehicles can not enter through the gate. The President and the Prime Minister flowers out after 45 minutes at 1 pm at the Shaheed Minar will be open to the public. Of course people will comply with the order. DC Rezwanul Haque said the traffic department, in the evening of February 20 to protest

the TSC can not be any traffic. High tea in the square will be closed to traffic. Bakshibazar the cars will not be from the junction of Plassey and the Shaheed Minar. Plassey crossing at the traffic will not be able to FIG. Canakhamrapula any traffic on the road in front of Dhaka Medical College can not. Saturday Ramna Zone Deputy Commissioner Abdul Baten said that the Shaheed Minar to enter and Bakshibazar Plassey crossing the road on foot, people can use. Canakhamrapula to exit the premises and the tea can be used on the road.


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