Aryan is not acting now



18-year-old father’s shadow was created to overcome its own fan-following “teen sensation” Aryan Khan. Like my father, Abe made the six-pack. Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter sometimes nabya nabheli special friendship into a relationship with Nanda took place on three pages. Director of the film is considered to be ariyanake Haven in Johor. B-Town news stressed, was also writing the screenplay. Just wait to start shooting. But he went back to work now. Aryan came away from the desired performance. Shahrukh Khan is close to one

of the sources said, now want to hire staditei Aryan mind. If you want to finish his studies. Because, Shahrukh think, if we start acting now could damage ariyanera career. So, too, like ariyanera. This is why he decided to come back. He wants to create at least four years of his career with the mind. After her return to acting. After all acting in his blood. So in the end, the love to be gaining.


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