The poor became a Bollywood star



Many Bollywood laimalaitera means being the show, glamor, party, Page Three, abundant resources. OK, but is hidden behind another Bollywood. The picture is not too sparkling in the light. I have no life, ups and downs. But sooner or later has to be so poor tarakaderao glittering world of Bollywood, which is hard to believe. Over one’s head is the last thing to lose. Friends around the support and talent over again. Take a look at the list of celebrities who lost everything at one time was almost destitute. Amitabh Bachchan: Bollywood’s biggest star. Just how loud his name does not count the pictures that have been hit.

However, his production house ABCL large debt burden on the flop put pressure on Big B’s head. The amount of the late 90’s over 90 million rupirao. He had mortgaged their houses to the bank. At that time, he was running Kaun Banega Crorepati. Judging from the enormous success of the show, he came out with his all debts. Preity Zinta: One look at his cheek dimple on the movement of millions of men would begin. A number one hit after another, the heroine was a friendly race. However, he suddenly went missing from Bollywood. Woke love with Ness Wadia. Ishq own production in an attempt to return to Paris in the picture, but it is the flop. He was drowning in a friendly loan. Abbas remuneration tayaraoyala pleased the case was not, the film screenwriter. Non-bailable warrant was issued against the court please. At that time, Salman Khan gave a helping hand.

Govinda: One of the main stream Bollywood Hero Number One was lost. He became involved with net debt. Bollywood tried out a career in politics, but it did not succeed. Bollywood films once again partner was a successful comeback. Gradually, he paid the debt. Shweta Basu Prasad: Small began his career in the Bollywood Shweta. He won a national award for outstanding performance in the scoring. However, a time comes when you really Shweta was almost destitute. Southern film career after he tried. He was charged with the sexual scandals. Now he is trying to bounce back once again. Jackie Shroff: filmmaker Sajid nadiyadaoyala borrow money at one time, had a lot of Bollywood jaggu grandfather. He did not have no money to pay him.

Sajid think about taking legal action against him in 008. Jackie’s apartment to sell to repay the loan. However, it was trapped by debt. Salman helped him at that time. From the financial point of view as well as with the work of the film’s production jyakike bhiriye bring back the tide. AK Hangal: Sholay, nakama hit films such as unlawful. From serial movies, theater sabetei sbacchnda At the end of the Star became destitute. He was 95 years old when he became ill, the penniless man behind the eyes. At that time, he helped Jaya Bachchan, Salman Khan, the kind-hearted people. – See more at:


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