Mental health care for new mothers



Being a mother is a big change in any woman’s life. Etadinakara daily routine of his life had changed. A new mother is not a day or night, even at night, as the baby sleeping. Mother’s invaluable treasures, such as the joy of a new baby can cause radical changes in the depression, mental disorders like depression. Psychologists Karen kleimena (MSW, LCSW, founder and executive director of the Center for postpartum stress, LLC) bisannata birth mother and, later research into despair.

He wrote several books on the subject. She noticed his study, all new mothers suffer from depression more or less. The responsibility of a new life, makes them anxious. They suffer a lot of time in their existence in crisis! But these are not expressing disappointment. They feel that the people around you know that motherhood they’re not feeling well, but you’re under stress, they all misunderstand. However, the idea is not wrong in our society. We got so much attention to the child’s physical and mental health of the mothers side is not noticed.

It is rather counterproductive. Because, in the first stage of frustration possible to overcome this problem with the help of family members. But the long-term results are not good, with the child’s mother and her family suffer. Due to limited notions about mental diseases can not understand that a lot of families, the solution to the psychiatric bisesajnera.


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