I hate to be in the same bed with her, and I was onl 27.



If there is life relationships. And if you have a problem relationship. Facebook and e-mail inbox every day we receive numerous questions based on the relationship, which can not be said that anyone may have. The secret answer to the question must be conducted our regular readers, “Dear relationship”. The relationship-based advice to the questions are answered and short story writer, Rumana Summer, editor-in-Charge (Life and Science), priyakama. You can write your own in such a personal problem. We will try every day to give advice select the desired resolving some of the problems. He wrote about the problems of our Facebook page Inbox. If you want to keep a secret is to write down the name of “anonymity”. A condition of anonymity, said his problems. “When I was married in 1213 when my parents gave me my father’s sister’s son. I have a big wedding after the condition that we’re together. My husband is 18 years older than me. A few days later, and he does not want to accept it. And our when we lived together in the house. I am a mother at an early age, so did parasonatao. baby, reading room and could not handle it anymore. SSC test could not be. calachilakichudina good after a long time with her when she left home and began some of his bad habits comes in front of me . another weakness of women. Let’s talk about sexual matters, and are very interested in. I was sick, but stress to the relationship, even if it hurt his hand and would forbid! a few days ago on his deep relationship with a girl I got to know that. they are married there was also. mithyeo after learning that they had fun. and it loves me a lot. and a very bad job kareoikhane were chatting. you will not believe someone could do this and that, very gentle disposition and a good use of his mask. I’m I do not believe that. What I do not understand something? I am now the mother of two boys, I do not own anything. when the parents, the children how to do? They’re in the village. I do not spend every day with the bad guy. I loved her very faith. Will you tell me a better way to live? She hates it takes to stay in the same bed. I now 7 years old. How can spin the rest of your life? Please tell us in some way. “Tip: To tell you the truth, my sister, your situation is actually very complex. There is no way to go back to his own home, and the husband can not stay at home, the two children to think about the future, there will be no choice but to adapt it altogether . it feels bad to say, but that’s probably a way. but yes, sister, it’s temporary. I say temporary because the human life is never the same. you have been cheated in love, so much suffering. this suffering will be reduced gradually, there is no longer any pain vehemence. love as people do, however, try to adapt as the father of the children. his responsibilities towards the family, rewind as his own. Yes, there is your educational qualification. but there is indeed something that you like find? such as sewing or cooking? or any other work in hand? If you can not make money at home, and they can learn to work with various parane. If you want to start a business online, you can. If you want a lot of things from the minds of the people she could. and when you see that a’re busy with work and earn money, then you can reduce bad. Plus, I can not cope with her husband when the divorce will not be the problem. She will come to stand on their own feet. Forced for financial reasons to continue a relationship with someone simply because I do not support neyatake. If there is to improve the relationship with your husband, that you can try. He is your husband, well you know him. If a rule is amended if possible, forget the past and start all over again. And if it is not possible to find yourself in the midst of his sister duniye. That’s the only way. There is no man on earth, she does not trust his own mind before you proceed nijei it.


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