Shampoo is not wrong to do it?



Hair shampoo we all do, but it is used in compliance with the rules or do you know? Yes reader, the right way to use shampoo hair shampoo and conditioner properties can be to take maximum advantage. Almost every day we have shampoo, but if you do this properly wash your hair shine and hair health workforce can be saved. If you are not sure about your sudden hair loss. This text must therefore correct common mistakes.

 Before shampoo

Take the hair combed through the thick tooth comb. Many people suffer from the problem of falling hair shampoo time. If the practice of dry hair combed to this problem can be easily cut.

First, soak the hair

Take hair soaked in warm water first. We all know that hair is not just hot water. So, please use tepid water. It is quite beneficial to wash the hair. Scalp that the dust and dirt on the sheet, it is a little loose hair and dirt and helps to dispel the beginning.

If the hair is long

If your hair is long, beyond the shoulder along the back or waist, then soak the hair with shampoo, conditioner before you get a little hair. Long hair is a common problem owners have their hair quite sbasthyajjala surfaces. And from top to bottom in the middle of the rough and lifeless hair is like. The hair must be long gap between the two before prikandisanim a good idea to shampoo hair.

The shampoo on the scalp

Many people think that the shampoo “hair” for giving. In fact, the head of the main functions of the skin’s tailaktabhaba shampoo removes dirt and dust to keep hair neat. “So not only raised the hair, rub foam wash hair will not” come out of the wrong ideas and putting a clear focus on the skin of the head. So it’s time to wash the shampoo hair beyei down, then the hair will become clear.

Not at all grease

Many unnecessary to shampoo hair rub it. I say to them, I think. It’s not your bed sheets or paposa loud enough to rub the scrub clean up all the dirt will be sutaro. Shampoo slowly and gently. If dirt or dandruff shampoo with one nail at a time, you want to clear all of the scratch. Damage to the hair cuticle is damaged. The medium pressure to shampoo hair comb-like fingers run. Blood and hair growth sarakulesana skalpe it will be helpful. Do not massage the scalp circular motion. The hair was tangled and shampoo the hair falls out after a tangle.

Second shampoo ago

A bottle of shampoo is often written. That Rinse. Repeat. If you regularly clean the hair, then there is no need to shampoo twice. Hair due to excessive dirt and dust in the hair becomes dirty, then shampoo hair for the first time, the foam may be higher or lower. And second, use shampoo.

Know before Conditioner

Many conditioner had put across during the whole journey. Just laganara conditioner for hair. Crown of your head one inch from the tip of the hair and apply conditioner to the hair. Because the hair on the scalp can not be fitted due to the early part of the Scalp Oil nyacrala already holds moisture. From the tip to the middle of the hair conditioner is most needed so that less than all of the attention.

Finish with cold water

This means that the water is icy cold, normal water. Normal time to wash the hair Wash the hair with water. Scalp hair which is worn on the paricchannatake will ensure a cool head and keep the skin well.

After washing hair conditioner at the back of the eye. Hair conditioner well clear, but not a lot of time to wash off the back of a small rash, pimples are. So keep an eye out there. Body cleaning brush can be used if necessary.


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