Make rose water at home!



What is rose water? It is found in nature, which is one of the most pure elements of our skin helps to maintain natural Ph. Rose water to cleanse the skin, as well as toner, with phesapyakera; How you can use. And now the market is slowly rose out of the water is difficult. But do you know? Just a little effort you will be able to create absolutely 100% pure rose water at home! And you do not have to use artificial roses perfumes the liquid. How to make rose water? In today’s article, we inform you that deba

Fresh rose petals, rose water with the method 1-

Materials –

– 1 cup of fresh rose petals (two roses, flower shop, no chemicals will not be allowed to flower. Take the flowers so you can be sure that the use of any pesticides or other chemicals is not.

– Disatilada two cups of water (distilled water). If you use tap water, rose water for a long time will not be good.

Which karabena

– Take the first fresh rose petals. As the waters rose, the rose will phrasa quality will be better. Do not use different varieties of roses. The smell of rose water can be spoiled.

– Clean saucepan pots or rose petals Pour the water over her.

– The vessel is very low heat on the stove down to cover his face. Keep in mind that no drop of water will not start or is not perfect roses! Rose petals are boiled in water immediately assume the color blue is not your rose water is made.

– Keep warm water for 10-15 minutes and rose petals. Take the pan from the oven. At the end of your water, light pink / red can be.

– To separate the water from the petals strainer. Cool completely in the water. After the container filled with cold water in the refrigerator into the place of your choice. Do not be late.

– Thus, you can use up to 1 week in rose water.

Method II with dried petals made of rose water


– Large size glass carafe

– 1/4 cup (one-fourth cup of 1 percent) dried rose petals.

– 1.5 cup (half a cup) of the hot distilled water.

Which karabena

– Take glass jar of dried petals. Again, keep in mind that there is no doubt paparite Chemicals Do not use the roses.

– Enhanced the warm distilled water on the petals Pour slowly into the jar.

– Pot, cover your face and let cool for 10-15 minutes in a pot of water.

– When cold water in a bowl of rose-water separation filter the Pour.

– Put into the refrigerator to cool the rose water. You can also use 1 week.

When? How to make rose water? Now again do not know how and why to use rose water is so upakari rupacarcaya

– Rose-water anti-septic, anti-bacterial toner on your skin, as well as being the most abundant natural element to use.

– Regular use of emission control skin oil, skin damage as well. Tan makes skin brighter away.

– Dry skin, skin moisture all day to get the owners will be able to make unlimited use of rose water.

– Any phesapyaka owners of any skin, you can use the mask mixed with rose water.

– To deep clean the skin, remove dirt and dust. So sweet rose water can be used as a skin at any time. Apply rose water or spray to clean the face with a tissue if you can understand how effective it is as a makeup remover and phesaoyasa!

– Mechata older skin, helps to keep wrinkles away.

– Tired of sitting in the cold and get rid of the eye galapajale cotton soaked with kept an eye on the results.

– Itchy, dry parts of the body mixed with glycerin and rose water if you use a cracked, rough body uthabe the tender moment.

– The day after the body of bathing water mixed in the house will not stink. Expensive spray, which will have to be using this diodarenta !!

Why then? I was leaving roses season. Now the market itself from reliance Make absolutely pure rose water!


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