Insufficient sleep can increase the risk of diabetes!



Insufficient sleep, the body increases the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes damage and gabesakaratara said that the less sleep the effectiveness of insulin in the body is wasted. The ability to control blood sugar weakens.

As a result, the risk of diabetes barepradhana researcher and professor at the University of Colorado, USA Kenneth Wright said, “We saw very few people have seen him sleep; Dehaghari they say they have to wake up, so they should be asleep. “

“As a result, when they eat something in the morning when the body can not control blood sugar levels properly.” A small number of healthy men and women participated in the study, according to NDTV.

Half the participants as well as researchers in their daily work five hours sleep at night, he said. The next five days, nine hours a day at work, as well as participating in the first five days ghumayabaki ardheka nine hours and the second five hours sleep for five days.

Blood tests later found that those who sleep five hours a night have decreased sensitivity to insulin in their body. That the increased risk of diabetes.

But when they started to sleep again at night hours when the body becomes normal sensitivity to insulin. Researchers say that insufficient sleep causes disturbances metabolized.


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