How important oil for hair?




Many misconceptions about hair. Protect or enhance the beauty of the hair plays a special role, as a result, many people are very careful to hair. What is surprising, hair care, most of the excess hair really do not work. Many concepts, such as, hair oil, hair nutrition and makes you fall off. But although scientific opinion is very old, but the truth is the use of hair oil, hair oil use is no profit. Oil brings nutrients to the hair.
Hair taken from the body through nutrition hair roots. Oily hair growth on the scalp or to defend a kind of oily substance secreted from glands are located sibasiyasa. The oily substance is able to maintain the beauty of the hair itself. So we do not need oil to protect the beauty of the hair. Many people think that hair fall off in oil dharanatio wrong. There are many causes of hair fall. Some of these factors is untreatable and acikitsayogya.
Oil to be effective in the treatment of hair to medical science was never considered. There is no nutritional benefit of using hair oil. But the use of oil is sometimes susceptible to hair loss. If the pH is less than the level of acid in the oil if the oil becomes reddish hair. And when it was caught in the hair oil is stopped immediately. Dark colors such as light-colored clothes wet conditions shows, sukalei became pale, hair reddish mood of this error occurs. So, say that the idea of ​​black hair oil is also false.
Nutritious and vitamin-rich foods with vitamins or hair oil (such as eggs) makhale beautiful hair that explains a lot of sense. The scientific fact, the roots of the hair with nutrients. Through the complicated process of taking nutrients from the roots of blood. Hair comes in all the nutrients from the blood. So the hair nutrients needed for normal hair nutrients and minerals to foods must be taken. We accept that the food does not go directly to the body, food from the mouth to the stomach and the digestive system in the body after digestion is a complex process. So any food directly will not rub hair.
Moreover, any kind of hair from the outside in order to receive power nutrients or vitamins. For that reason all the nutrients and vitamins in the body hair will be poured out to do. So what if oil vitamin if you do not! So if you run a lot of nutritious food in the stomach will be poured in mind. Most of the oil is no longer advertised to the commitment of the trap of false advertising.


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